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Rear tank fuel pump probably bad. This model has in tank low pressure fuel pumps as well in line high pressure pump.

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Q: 1990 F-150 dual tanks Rear tank is full of gas but when you switch to it it dies because it is not getting gas What could it be?
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How do you switch between tanks on a 1979 power wagon with dual tanks?

switch on the dash. to the left of the colom.

1991 F150 with dual fuel tanks can you switch between tanks with the engine running?


Why dont fuel gauge work on 1985 Ford F-250?

It could be your fuel gauge or your sending unit or the wires connecting them . If you have dual tanks it could be the switch that changes tanks. The most likely culprit is the sending unit in the tank.

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If there are two fuel tanks on pickup is there 2 fuel pumps?

Most later model vehicles have in tank pumps. So if a vehicle like this had two tanks it would stand to reason that it would have two pumps. But vehicles that I have been associated with that had two tanks had only one external pump. the way i could tell was the way the tanks were switched. If the switch for switching tanks is an electrical switch then there are probably two in tank pumps. The ones I have been associated with had a ball valve switch that was in a copper line which just directed the flow from the different tanks to the pump on the engine. This is a little vague but hopefully it may help.

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When the front gas tank on my 88 ford f 150 with dual gas tanks when you run out of gas in one does it automatically switch to the other gas tank thank you?

Nope you need to use the switch on the dash to switch tanks....

Fuel switch location on 1993 4 wheel drive ford f-150?

Maybe one of the kick panels if you are talking about the safety switch it is on passenger side kick panel just feel around for the switch or remove kick panel. if you mean switch to switch tanks it is on your dash it changes the fuel pumps in tanks if you have duel tanks if you have a single tank there is a lil relay in the same place on dash. behind dash panel by head light switch.

2001 freightliner dual fuel tanks - is there a switch to control which tank is used?

No. Both tanks flow to a crossover, which feeds into the fuel pump. Both tanks are used simultaneously.

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F250 two tanks does that mean there is two fuel pumps?

Two tanks simply means there are two separate gas tanks for the truck. My f-250 has a front tank, which holds 20 gallons, and a rear tank that holds 15 gallons. There is a switch near the steering wheel that I can flip to switch tanks while driving. Hope this answers your question.

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Why would you not be able to switch from the rear to front gas tank on a Ford F-150?

These models have a fuel selector switch that is vacuum operated, near one of the tanks. First, check to make sure the vacuum lines are intact and connected. If so, a new selector switch must be purchased and is available from most part stores. It depends on the year of truck you have on 1985 and newer there is a electric switch and you have to pull instrument cover to get to it. If you are having trouble changing tanks it might also be the fuel pump is bad in one of the tanks.. So listen to each tank and see if you hear them run when you switch tanks

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1988 Chevrolet 305 with duel tanks one works fine the other when used acts like it is starved for gas it has factory duel tanks and factory switch what could be wrong?

The tank that you are having problems with may have a bad fuel pump in it. Check fuel pressure when using that tank, Should be 9 to 13 LBS. PSI. It could have a bad splitter valve that's not working correctly. That is the valve that switches the tanks.

Why won't my front Fuel tank work when i turn it on could it be the switch?

Most vehicles with two fuel tanks have two fuel pumps. If the fuel gauge shows the reading in the front tank, the switch is most likely good, and the fuel pump is bad.

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