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Questions with 'The O2 Sensor Light Comes On After 90k Miles And A Screw Under The Gauges Needs To Be Removed And Placed In Another Hole Either That OR Drive Another 90k And It Will Turn Off Its Stupid I Know'

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Check engine 2001 Isuzu Rodeo?

The check engine light for the 2001 Isuzu Rodeo often comes on because of a sensor that is damaged or malfunctioning. The most common sensor is an oxygen sensor and when reset, this often allows the light to be reset.

Where is the knock sensor in a Isuzu I290?

The knock sesor is located, on your Isuzu 1290, at the front of the engine. The sensor screws into the engine. Wires connect the sensor to the senor light.

On your 97 Mazda millenia your hold light comes on?

you need to change the input turbine speed sensor

Why is the DASHBOARD brake light on in your 1995 Volvo 960?

it indicates that it is time to change the pads for the disc brakes, the light comes on when the sensor is activated

How do you change the side light bulb on your Isuzu Trooper?

Hey There: What year of trooper do you have????

How do you reset the oxygen sensor light on an Isuzu?

Never heard of nor have I seen an Oxygen Sensor light. If you are referring to the Check Engine Light, then that light comes on when there is a problem with the emissions controls. It may be a bad O2 Sensor or it may be many other things. Don't assume the O2 sensor is bad. Depending on the year vehicle you own, which you failed to mention, you reset the light on most 1995 & older vehicles by disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes. On most 1996 & newer vehicle, you reset the light with an OBD2 scan tool.

How do you take dash apart in 2002 Isuzu axiom to change light bulb?

take out light bulb in a dash

How do you change the bulb on a sensor light?

you just turn it

What is an OD sensor?

An OD sensor determines when your vehicle is in overdrive. If the overdrive light comes on in your vehicle, then there may be a problem with the transmission.

What does it mean when your check engine light comes on it reads heated oxygen sensor bank?

There is a failure in the oxygen sensor heater.

What does ASR dash light mean in Isuzu NPR truck?

The ASR dash light is a brake assist system/acceleration slip regulation light. When this light comes on in the Isuzu NPR truck, the on board computer in the vehicle detected a malfunction in the acceleration slip regulation and the vehicle needs to be taken for service.

Why is the engine temperature light on when the engine is cold?

Likely a faulty coolant temperature sensor. Change the sensor.

What does it mean when the wrench light comes on in the 2008 Isuzu Ascender?

time to do scheduled maintenance check owner s manual

What do you do if the check engine light comes back on after replacing the speed sensor?

I had all sensors replaced in my 03 Trailblazer and the check engine light stiil comes on. Why?

What is the difference between sensor and detector?

A sensor is used to detect something such as movement, a change in light, a change in temperature, a certain gas, etc. A detector and a sensor are essentially the same thing.

Engine check light comes on and computer reads knock sensor?

You need to test/replace the knock sensor. ireplaced it already.

If the low coolant light comes on and you add plenty of antifreeze why does the light stay on and what does it mean?

Check your coolant sensor for built up sludge, or the sensor may need replacement.

4 wheel drive light stays on in 2 wheel drive on 96 Isuzu rodeo?

The four wheel drive light is most Likely staying on when your Isuzu Rodeo is in two wheel drive because of a bad sensor. A licensed auto technician would be able to replace this for you.

What is exposure in a digital camera?

Exposure is the combination of shutter speed and aperture used to expose the image sensor in a digital camera. When the image sensor receives the right amount of light, your picture comes out correctly exposed. The camera's light meter determines how big to open the aperture (the hole to allow light in) and for how long (the shutter speed). If the image sensor receives less light than it requires, your picture comes out under-exposed. If the image sensor receives more light than it requires, your picture comes out over-exposed.

What does the O2 light stand for in an Isuzu Amigo?

The O2 light means the oxyogen sensor is needing to be replaced. It should be some where in the exhaust system.Answerit is located on the exhaust manifold with wires to a plug coming from it

What does it mean when your brake light comes on?

I know on my car it means it's time to change them. Most cars have a sensor installed on the brakes that will alert the driver when they get past a certain depth.

Ice possible drive with care light?

That light comes on when the outside temp sensor shows that the temp is near freezing.

How do you repair the map light on a 1993 Camry?

It depends. If the sensor is working, just reset the computer. Otherwise you have to change the sensor.

Why does my 02 kia stop when the service engine soon light comes on?

check the crank sensor

What is the problem when my Yamaha 225 has oil but the oil inidcator light comes on?

your problem maybe the sensor