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The brake proportioning valve may be sticking, but this is very uncommon. Did you lubricate the slider pins on the caliber or replace them if they are rusted or corroded? Check all contact points and clean them off throughly. Apply brake lube to all contact points.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-06 16:15:30
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Q: 1990 Lumina euro brakes problem - intermittent - calipers stick - rotors glow orange - replaced rubber hoses - replaced calipers about a year ago - replaced front brakes recently - other remedys?
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How can you tell if you need new brake calipers?

If your calipers are leaking they need to be rebuilt or replaced. If the vehicle pulls to one side or the other when braking it could also indicate a problem with one of the calipers.

1996 Toyota 4Runner has intermittent ignition problem All electrical will work but car will not start Might start an hour later Does not stall while engine running Recently replaced the battery and it?

the symptoms you describe sound like a starter problem. replace it and your problems will be through!

Why does 1995 econoline 250 keep blowing 15 amp fuse controlling speedo?

Found problem, intermittent short circuit problem in turn signal switch, replaced switch, problem went away.

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee shuts off while driving?

Crank Position Sensor needs to be replaced. I had the same problem and that was the cure. It was hard to diagnose because of the intermittent nature of the problem.

How do you unfreeze car brakes?

Check the calipers on the car to see which one is frozen. Most likely you have a stuck wheel caliper that is causing the frozen problem and will have to be replaced.

How do you check cranckshaft sensor on a 1991 buick park ave 3 8 V6 L?

I had an intermittent problem with that sensor on my PA. When the error code in the computer was checked, it showed up as a problem. I had it replaced. The cam sensor can cause a similar problem.

Brakes sticking on and smell of burning already replaced the abs pump and put on new brakes and its gone and done it again?

I had one do this and I had to change the brake calipers. Problem was gone.

What is wrong if the pedal is almost fully depressed before it starts to stop a 1992 Prelude if the master cylinder is OK calipers bled front calipers replaced and there is no leaks or air in the line?

check linkage down near the pedals..there might be some excess play that is causing the problem

What is the problem when my power windows and Radio power is intermittent?

It is probably a bad ground most intermittent problems with electric components are

How do you fix a Jaguar XK8 with an intermittent transmission selector problem?

There typically are 2 micro switches witch need to be replaced. in the selector. if you have problems shifting into gear replace the brake light switch.

What causes intermittent air movement sounds and burning smell on 2005 dodge grand caravan?

it is most likely the brake calipers sticking, as I recently had this problem on my 2007 dodge grand caravan. They did not do it all the time, but would stick out for a brief period of time after braking, thus causing the burning smell, and then shortly after retract far enough so that there was no longer cantact, and therefore, the burning smell then went away.

How hard is it to replace brake calipers on a Jeep Liberty 2004?

Replacing the calipers are pretty simple. just take the wheel off and its right there. Two bolts and its off. Calipers are not something that usually has a problem.

I have an intermittent starting problem with your 91 blazer When i knock on the gas tank enough times it seems to work. Loose witring to or at the fuel pump Please help.?

The fuel pump should be replaced.

2001 Chevy Malibu turn signal problem?

If it is making a rapid clicking as compared to the slower intermittent clicking. One of your turn signal bulbs need to be replaced, normally it will only do this when the bulb is not working at all.

Why do the rear disc brakes stay locked up after you let off the pedal on a 1999 Chevy blazer s-10?

usually either the calipers have dirt in them and need to be replaced or the rubber lines leading to them have collapsed inside and need to be replaced.. really kills the gas mileage uh!! chevy has had problems with rear discs on these vehicles,70%of braking is on the front,30% on the rear. therefore the pistons get little use and stick. there are stainless sliders the calipers move on,you need to clean and lubricate them,this should stop the brakes from dragging. I have a 1999 Blazer and my rear brakes were grinding so I replaced the pads and rotors but had the same sticking problem. They dont offer a rebuild kit for my calipers so I had to replace the calipers also.

What would make my 2000 plymoth neons brakes lock up when you first take off?

This problem is caused by disc brakes that have a fluid leaking from the calipers. You can buy loaded calipers an install to the car to fix the problem.

How fix shoes dragging brakes dodge van?

I am working on this myself right now. I have replaced the master cylinder, lines, shoes, and calipers. The problem persists. I am going to try sanding and lubing the ways on the calipers today. There is nothing else to fix. I found an article in a Dodge forum that suggested this in the most detailed fix i have found.

I replaced the brake pads and one of the rotors on my 1996 Oldsmobile achieva and now the brakes won't work at all. I'be tried bleeding the brakes and no air is coming out but there's still a problem.?

change that calipers

Sudden loss of power and acceleration as well as not shifting into higher gears?

I had an intermittent problem like this with an 2004 Optima EX V6. I changed out the fuel pump and it seems to have corrected the problem, but being intermittent, only time will tell.

Ford Tempo front brakes locking up?

I am having the same problem. Ist time overhauled calipers. Right front pads wore out quickly. Next replaced calipers, same deal right front is locked to the point where care shakes and cannot be driven. Thinking proportioning valve or master cylinder? Anyone ever run into this?

What is wrong with a 2002 Ford Explorer the odometer light isn't illuminated but the ABS light and airbag light are illuminated?

I suspect multiple problems. The blank or intermittent odometer problem is a common problem in the 2002 Ford Explorer. The ABS and airbag lights are most likely a different problem than the odometer problem. For complete information on the intermittent odometer problem, see .

Can problem with ABS cause vehicle not to accelerate?

Sure if your calipers aren't open enough and your brakes stick

Why do your 2001 Isuzu rodeo intermittent wipers get stuck?

there is a problem with your bcm or body control module, have it checked

Might solve the problem of intermittent errors caused by noise in the power line to the PC?

line conditioner

What might solve the problem of intermittent errors caused by noise in the power line to the PC?

line cleaner