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You have fuel to your distributor, do you mean you have current to the distributor but no fuel coming to the injector??? If this is the case then check your fuel pump, when you turn on the ignition do you hear a humming sound from the rear of the vehicle around the rear wheel on the drivers side?? If not then the electric supply to the pump is cut or the pump has failed. There is a relay in the black box next to the fuse box in the engine compartment that controls the fuel pump. You might want to check this relay.

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What is a Thermo Time Switch?

A thermo time switch is a temperature sensor device normally used to turn on a cold start injector in German cars. The cold start injector is an extra injector normally mounted in the intake manifold. The thermo time switch will allow current through it to your cold start injector for a few seconds ( 3 - 8 depending on the make and model of car ) when the engine is cold and first started. This puts extra fuel in the system and helps it start. If your thermo time switch fails you may have a hard time starting when cold or, more commonly, a difficult time starting the car when hot. The problem in the latter case is the extra injector flooding the car when trying to start it.

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I have the same problem. I have spark, fuel presure, dont start. But if i use starting fluid it will star.

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Hey Bernie==You probably have an injector that is leaking causing the engine to flood while it is not running. Goodluck Joe

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