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The # one problem with today's cars is fuel pumps ; this sounds like one.As the pump gets warm,it loses power. Do have it checked out.

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Q: 1990 Toyota Camry loses power after driving several miles after sitting it will start and repeat the above what could be the problem?
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Has the Toyota Yaris 2007 had any problems?

we own a Toyota Yaris and it is quite a dependable little car and we save over $3,500 dollars a year driving it the only problem on the 2-door is that when you want to get in the back and you pull the lever on the passenger seat it does not go back to a normal sitting position.

202 Toyota Sienna check engine comes on when driving?

Usually a problem in the emission control system-have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

Toyota Sienna Won't Start?

There could be several reasons why a Toyota Sienna will not start. the most common problem would be a dead battery.

Can you fix an automatic shoulder harness is stuck in driving position on your 1988 Toyota Camry?

There can be several things causing this. Take it to an auto trim shop.

What is the gas mileage for the 2009 Toyota Tundra?

The gas mileage for the 2009 Toyota Tundra depends on whether you are driving in the city or on the highway. In city driving will get you 15mpg while Highway driving will get you 19mpg.

In your 1987 Toyota Cressida the coldhot meter shoots up to hot after driving but then will go back to the middle?

If it goes to hot after engine is shut down after driving that is normal. Coolant is not circulating at that point . If it goes top hot while driving that could be a problem Please clarify

What are the specs for a Toyota 2c engine?

I have Toyota 2l-T engine the problem is the oil blowing on the exhaust is this the turbo charger problem?

How do you know if you have a transmission problem with 200 Toyota Camry?

When you have problem shifting gears, you transmission has a problem.

1990 Toyota corolla driving dies won't start again why?

Died while driving? Alternator

Where is chassis number for Toyota yaris?

under the driving seat

Transmission problem in a 1991 Toyota 4 runner?

What type transmission and what problem?

What is dtc 10 on a Toyota Camry?

It is possible that a DTC 10 on the Toyota Camry is a problem with the starter. The starter solenoid, wiring, or the starter itself could be the problem.

Typical problems when check engine light comes on while driving in a 2000 Toyota tacoma?

Oh my Gosh how vague can you be? Gas cap evap hose O2 sensor fuel problem

How do you ditect problem on the 2001 Toyota corolla vvt?

The procedure for finding the problem depends on what the problem is that you failed to list.

Rebuild a 1986 Toyota steering geer box?

86 toyota pickup steering gearbox problem

How do you change the clock on a Toyota hiace van?

The clock in my 1989 toyota van soes not work. What can be the problem?

Is Ford better than Toyota?

Toyota is cheaper and no longer has the gas pedal problems. Ford has more red light problem than Toyota

Toyota warning lights?

There are several reasons why a Toyota's warning lights may come on. The lights may come because there is a problem with the engine, low oil, or even bad brakes.

How do you know if you are having fuel pump problems in Toyota Corolla?

It is important to know the problematic symptoms of a car part. With a fuel pump, problem signs are trouble with accelerating, shuddering, and lurching while driving.

Which dealerships have Toyota Yaris' for sale?

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What is the problems encountered by Toyota Philippines?

the problem with Toyota Philippines is that they hire people by who they know and not by what they know.... sad but true

What is the Spark Plug Gap for a 1986 Toyota Van?

For everyday driving .043mm.

If the check engine light was on on a 1996 Toyota Tercel and the problem was fixed what would be the problem?

Is this a trick question? My answer is "there is no problem". It Depends on the code that will detrmined what the problem was. or what ever you fix it with was the problem

How many Toyota dealerships are located in Dallas?

There are several Toyota Dealerships in Dallas. According to google maps, therea re 12 Toyota dealerships in the Dallas area.