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1990 acura legend sedan torque converter how do you disconnect the lockup part of the converter it locks up too soon?


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2007-09-30 16:41:22
2007-09-30 16:41:22

hi, I am researching the same thing.

89 accura legend torque lock wont unlock.

I have found what the solenoid looks like and it has a plug.

I am thinking about unplugging it and see it that helps.

but I am unsure how this will effect the rest of the system.

Also it might be operated by a relay somewhere ( havn,t found this out yet)



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Possibly the lock-up torque converter solenoid is sticking. Disconnect the wire to the lockup converter.

Yes but, the 92 is non lockup and the 93 is a lockup torque converter.

on a 200r4 or 700r4 its on the side of the transmission.

Lower trans temps and improved fuel economy.

Lockup Solenoids refer to electronic gadgets in automatic transmissions that lock the torque converter in certain circumstances, such as at highway speeds.

it is a failure of the solenoid for the torque converter lockup in the transmisson.

yes it will especially when the torque converter is going into lockup

The lockup solenoid does not control OD shift. The lockup solenoid controls torque convertor lockup. Torque converter lockup isn't a gear at all, but a fuel saving function that kicks in when you are cruising, which is a clutch in the torque converter that locks down and overrides the fluid coupling so you dont loose engine engine torque due to the normal fluid coupling of the torque converter. In effect, it overrides the torque converter completely, and provides a direct drive from the engine to the input shaft of the transmission. TC lockup does occur in OD, but it is a separate function. OD is achieved in the AX4N when the OD band holds the front planetary sun gear stationary. This is done by the OD servo and piston assembly, when fluid is directed there through a valve in the valve body. You could have a problem in any of those areas causing you not to have OD.

The torque converter clutch is inside the torque converter.The torque converter clutch is inside the torque converter.

The "lockup torque converter" could be engaging too soon. Take it to a transmission shop to have it diagnosed.

No. You have a 32RH transmission. It is a 3-speed automatic with a lockup torque converter, no overdrive gear.

Sounds like the torque converter lockup switch... you need to take it to a repair shop.

You can empty it out and change the fluid if there is nothing wrong with it and the stock stall speed will still work with the engine you will be putting in front of it. It's basically a fluid coupling. Since it's full of fluid and the fluid does most of the work, there is very, VERY little wear inside a converter. The only exception is if you have a lockup torque converter. The clutches inside lockup converters DO wear out and ultimately fail.

If you're talking about a TH400 transmission, yes... the TH350 torque converter is one inch smaller in diameter than the TH400 torque converter (12" vs 13"), and you'll have to make sure the holes on the flexplate line up (or drill them for both patterns). You'll get a bit more stall out of the 350 converter. If you're talking about the 700R4, the answer is going to be no.... that uses a lockup converter, which will not interchange with the TH converter.

Yes, both the Iron Duke 2.5L engines and X-VIN 2.8L engines have lockup torque converters. The 2.5L engine was equiped with a TH125 transmission that had a 3 speed + lockup TCC, and the 2.8L engine was equipped with a 440T4 transmission that had a 4 speed + lockup TCC, being much stronger than the former.

Torque Converter Control Solenoid. It controls the lockup clutch in the torque converter, when it malfunctions the clutch can fail to engage or disengage properly causing shuddering at speed and stalling at idle. It is found inside the transmission as part of the valve body.

The torque converter is between the engine and transmission.The torque converter is between the engine and transmission.

You have to remove the transmission to replace the torque converter.You have to remove the transmission to replace the torque converter.

The stator inside the torque converter directs the fluid at an angle to trans. part of the torque converter amplifying the force on the vanes.

Flywheel or torque converter.Flywheel or torque converter.

What is the torque converter ckt performance?

It is inside of and is part of the torque converter.

threw the stater hole with of coarse the starter removed.

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