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You can put the Vortec in it if you have the wiring and ecm to run it. or you could use the Vortec heads and an aftermarket intake and really wake up your engine. The vortecs use a roller cam.

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2009-10-07 00:18:18
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Q: 1990 gmc siera can you put a 1996 vortec 350 in it and if so is the cam in a vortec just a good as a RV cam?
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Where can you get a vacuum diagram for a 1996 vortec 5.7lt engine with a 700r4 transmission?

Haynes repair manuals have good vacuum diagrams

Is a vortec motor a good motor?

yes i suppose

1996 gmc 1500 350 vortec towing capacity?

they say 3500 lbs i think but i have towed 7000 lbs with good trailer breaks over a distance over 150 k

Can a 350 from a 1988 gmc truck replace a 1996 Tahoe 350?

The 88 engine is a TBI / Throttle Body injection engine. I don't know the month of 1996 when they changed to the vortec engine fuel system, But I believe it was in late 1996. You should know if the 1996 engine is a TBI engine or a vortec engine if you have Sean it. So if it is a TBI engine then you have no problems, Put it in there and hook everything up and your good to go. Now if it's a vortec engine you have problems, None of the wireing will hook up to the 88 engine sensors. And the 96 computer will not run the 88 engine. And the fuel pump in the 96 Tahoe has to much fuel pressure for a TBI engine. You can not put the vortec fuel system/ intake manifold on the 88 engine because none of the intake bolts will match the heads or vise verse. You will be opening a can of worms. You need to go back with a vortec engine if that is whats in the Tahoe now.

Can you put a 1996 305 vortec motor into a 1994 Chevy pick that had a 305 non vortec?

WEll it all depends on the fuel system on the truck and motor if hey are the same u should be good... but one may be a tbi system and that's where u might need to do a little tweaking on your set ups.

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How much is a fuel filter for 1997 Chevy Suburban vortec?

About $14.00 for a good 1.

What if your 1996 Chevy 1500 is not shifting properly it takes off in hi gear it works good a couple of times?

try having the shift solenoids checked, it seems to be a big problem with the Chevy trucks. my truck is not shifting properly 1996 Chevy 1500 v-6 vortec 4.3 L with automatic O/D . Solenoids are in the pan on the bottom of the transmission. Good luck.

What date was Good Friday in 1990?

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Is a Chevy 4.3 Vortec an interferenced motor?

its "not supposed to be if it only jumped one tooth",, Good luck.

How much hourse power does a stock 1999 305 vortec 4.8L have?

A GM Vortec 305 4.8 liter engine has a rating of 315 horsepower. It is not good for towing, however, having little torque on the low end.

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