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a solid tune up plugs,wires,cap,rotor,fuel filter,air filter, pcv valve,have injectors cleaned by a shop.clean throttle body. check timing. see if cats are turning red when you loose power, they might be full.check for vacuum leaks. Good luck.

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What is the importance of hills?

The importance of hills in running is that it will improve your leg strength. It takes more effort to run up a hill than it does to run down it.

How do people in Bolivia adapt to their environment?

They make giant hills to block floods and improve farmland

Where is Emory University located?

Located just 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta, Georgia in the tree-lined suburban neighborhood of Druid Hills.

Does a sports exhaust make a 50cc scooter faster?

It will not really improve your top speed but it will give a better growl and have better acceleration and power on the hills.

How many hills in the chocolate hills?

The chocolate hills has 1,766 hills in the chocolate hills.

What are facts about hills?

hills are formed by erosion .# hills are fun :^ ) # hills are fun :^ )

Why were the seven hills surrounding the earliest roman settlement important?

The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.The hills were important for defense.

What movies have the word hills in the title?

The Hills Have Eyes The Hills Run Red Beverly Hills Cops Beverly Hills Ninja Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Moosoos hills Thunder hills and Wapawekka hills are located in what Canadian province?

The Wapawekka hills and Thunder hills are in Saskatchewan.

What is the total number of hills in the Chocolate Hills?

There are a total of 1,776 hills in the Chocolate Hills.

Which among the follwing are the southern most hills in india1 the nilgiri hills 2 the annamalai hills 3 the nallamalai hills 4 the cardamom hills?

nilgiri hills

Where in Los Angeles are the hills?

The Hills refers to Beverly Hills.

Which one is correct - Holiday in hills or holiday on hills?

holiday in hills it is not holidays on the hill because who will have holidays on the hills only in hills>>>>>:D

Your 99 Chevy Suburban runs smooth but going up hill it losess almost all its power and only goes 40-50mph?

If your 99 Chevy Suburban runs smooth, but going up hills it loses almost all of its power and only goes 40 to 50 miles per hour, check the distributor. The cap might be broken or cracked.

What are hills in Greece?


Do all hills have grass?

Not all hills have grass. Not all hills have grass because, take it for example. When you go to a dessert there are hills; sand hills so the answer is no.

How many volcanoes does Montserrat have?

Montserrat has 3 volcanoes: Silver Hills Centre Hills Soufriere Hills two (Silver Hills and Centre Hills) are not active but Soufriere Hills has been recently active.

Where did Audrey hepburn live as an adult?

Well She Had A House Near Burgenstock, Switzerland Called Villa Bethania, And She Had Other Various Houses Including One In Beverly Hills, She Preferred Rural Areas Instead Of Urban And/Or Suburban Areas.

What are the names of two hills?

The Ngong Hills (Kenya) The Cheviot Hills (England)

What is a Similie for the hills?

The most common simile using "the hills" is "as old as the hills". Examples: Those family photos are as old as the hills. Those war relics are as old as the hills.

What are known as hills on hills?


How many the hills have eyes movies are there?

There are two : The Hills Have Eyes 2006 The Hills Have Eyes II (2007) and also The Hills Have Eyes (1977) The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1985)

The land between two hills?

the gap in between varshanadu hills and agathiya hills

Is the hills just a nickname for One Tree Hill?

"The Hills" is a nickname for Beverly Hills.

What nicknames does Dawn Hills go by?

Dawn Hills goes by Dawny, and Dawny Hills.