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Check your Transmission Fluid. If it's automatic, it could simply be low.

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What do you do if your 1996 Toyota Camry hesitates while driving and sounds like it is going to cut out completely. We just changed the spark plugs and distributor cap any other suggestions?

your car is out of gas

Why Check engine light flashes while driving and car hesitates for a bit then light goes out any suggestions?

engine is about to stall

When you are driving your car hesitates what can this be?

Time for a tune-up.

Chevrolet S10 pickup hesitates when driving on the road I have changed the gas filter the module the battery and fuel filter.?

What year S-10 and what engine you have would help.

How you will know if a Honda civic 1998 alternator needs to be replaced?

Your car hesitates to turn on or it turns off on you while driving.

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Why does a car vibrate when started and seems like it hesitates when driving?

It is probably missing. Have it tuned up and a compression test run on the engine.

When this 1997 sable is driving it downshifts and on its own and hesitates could it be the kickdown cable?

Check electrical connections on transmission for corrosion and/or moisture

When driving my 1993 Chevy silverado truck i feel a hesitation with gas pedal changed fuel filter and throttle position sensor and injector cleaner and its still hesitates what can you try next?

You need to check the EGR valve, It may be opening to soon. Have you check the timing???

Could it be a bad EGR valve if your 1998 Sierra hesitates under partial load and you have changed the air cleaner spark plugs and wires?

No, a bad EGR valve would cause pinging at driving speeds or stalling at idle. Have you checked the distributor cap? Fuel filter?

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I own a 1991 Berreta that after driving a while it will putt and stall driving 30 mph and under do you have any suggestions?

I would check the fuel pressure and replace the fuel filter. Hey i have a 89 Chevy Beretta and it did the same thing until i changed the MAF censer. and that helped a lot.

When starting vehicle if you push gas down the almost dies when driving the acceleration sputters hesitates i have replaced the fuel filter as well as external fuel pumpany suggestions?

If car is fuel injected check the injectors could be clogged. If car has carborator check to see if the butterfly is opening properly. Check all the wiring for battery and electrical system, too.

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How do you fix a hesitating Toyota Corolla engine which occurs when the engine is warm and after stopping for a short time.when driving again engine hesitates.?

Try changing your spark plugs, and your spark plug wires.

What to do to 92 Plymouth acclaim when it bucks hesitates and sometimes stalls while driving?

trade it in, or sew whoever sold it to you as a lemon, unless you bought new or as is.ORget it inspected and try to find out whats wrong with it

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Citroen Xsara Picasso starts to judder after driving approximately 25 to 40 miles any suggestions?

coil pack

Your 2000 Nissan Quest hesitates when it warms up and it acts like it is running out of gas while driving it and tachometer jumps up and down Did tuneup to try to fix it Why does it hesitate?

Check the speed sensor

Your 92' Plymouth acclaim just reves up while driving and wont shift you changed the fuel filter and suggestions?

CHANGE THE TRANNY FLUID AND FILTER................ If that doesnt work then you need to change out the Transmisson cables. They should be about...ohhh 50 or 60...thats how much mine was.

Do you have any suggestions to reduce the cost of my commercial vehicle insurance?

The easiest way to reduce your cost, is to maintain a good driving record.

Why does a 2002 cavalier shift into high gear while driving?

While driving my cavalier will shift into high gear for at least a couple of minutes. Shifting gears,giving it gas does not help. Any suggestions?

Why does my 1992 buick regal shutoff while driving?

it sound like your ignition switch need to be changed ,,, i just done that ,had to changed it

What could the problem be in a 1993 Chevy half ton six cylinder truck The engine light will appear after 4 miles of driving and it instantly loses power It hesitates and at stops will die?

start with a new fuel filter