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I put speakers in my son's car, which had none in the rear. It was not a fun job. Please note that what I describe below might be more work than needed for replacing existing speakers...I don't know - since I didn't have any to replace. If you're lucky, they drop in from above, and all you need to do is unscrew and reattach wiring to the new speaker. Since I had nothing, I had to tear apart much of the interior and mount a pair I had lying around into the rear openings. Mine was even worse, since I placed 5 1/4 rounds into the existing 5x7. For this, I had to make an adapter plate, which further limited the clearance for the speakers under the stock grill. To put speakers in an empty rear opening, I basically removed or loosened much of the rear interior. Just work you way around, pulling out the little Phillips screws in the trim, until you can get under the interior body panels. This included the trim on the ceiling, near the hatch hinges. The worst part was the seat belt anchors under the padded arm/shoulder rests alongside the seats. this took some doing, since these are large and long bolts, in an inconvenient place. Once the bolts are out, the pads (with steel bracket) push down, if I remember correctly, to unhook the other end of the elbow pad. Once those are off, you can pull the interior panels out (again, assuming all the screws are out) just enough to sneak a speaker under them.

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Q: 1991 Dodge Shadow 2 door Hatchback How do you get the trim pieces that cover the rear speakers to come off so you can replace the speaker?
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Whats the front speaker size in a 1988 Dodge Shadow ES?

5.25" - I have one of these cars and want to replace the front speakers too. The backs are 5x7s.

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What are the speakers size in a 1993 Dodge Shadow?

they are five and a quarter...

How do you remove the rear speakers in a 1988 Dodge Shadow?

This sounds complicated but its simple if you have a screwdriver (Phillips head) there are several screws holding in the plastic shell around the speaker, remove them and the peice will come off with a little wiggleing.......I think you have to remove the trunk tie down points as well, but those are only heald in with some small set screws( also Phillips) then you will find on the underside of the speaker there are 4 bolts.....undo them and drop the speakers out the bottom and slid the new ones onto the same bolts, replace the nuts back onto said bolts and re install the plastic housing....that's it. It took me about 30 minutes to do both on my 88 dodge shadow. good luck

Where can i find the rear speaker wires for a 1993 Dodge Shadow?

Go to your local hardware store.... ask were the speaker wire is... voila

How do you change the tail light on a 1988 Dodge Shadow?

If you are changing the bulb, open trunk or hatchback, and remove the Philips screws from the carpet. There is a few of them. Pull carpet back enough to get to the bulbs. Reach in and turn on the lights and see which one you need to replace. Turn out the plastic holder a half turn replace bulb. And Reverse for putting back in. Simple!

How do you change a taillight bulb on a 1993 Dodge Shadow?

If you are changing the bulb, open trunk or hatchback, and remove the Philips screws from the carpet. There is a few of them. Pull carpet back enough to get to the bulbs. Reach in and turn on the lights and see which one you need to replace. Turn out the plastic holder a half turn replace bulb. And Reverse for putting back in. Simple!

How do you remove the stock speakers in the rear of a 1987 Dodge Shadow?

I have a 1993 dodge shadow and I thought it was complicated to change my speakers to but, it really isnt. The rear spearker have that plug of wires all you need to do is cut the wires and use the inner two wires for any aftermarket spaekers. The front speakers are a pain to get to since you have to mess with the door clips and pull the pannal off but the speaker wires are self explanitory. Make sure to electric tape the other wire so is not to have a short. Any other questions on how to get to or remove or install spearker componets e-mail me @

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Door panel takes 5.25" while the back takes 5x7. id suggest finding a way to change the back speakers to more 5.25 or 6.5s

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How do you replace fuel pump on 1992 dodge shadow?

fuel tank has to come down it's inside.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 Dodge Shadow 2.2L?

the water pump is on the bottom of the engine underneath the alternator