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You've got water in your sparkplug tubes or a bad connection on your sparkplug wires at the plug or coilpack. Be careful when removing plug wires. They like to let go and disinigrate when pulling on boot.


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1). If neither speed nor direction are changing, then acceleration is zero.2). "minutes" is not a unit of velocity, but we get the idea

Acceleration means speeding up or slowing down, a change in velocity. Since the velocity was constant, the acceleration was. 0

You need to calculate the force to lift the box without acceleration (weight = mg), PLUS the force required for the acceleration (F = ma). By the way, "2 minutes per second" is not a valid acceleration. Acceleration should be in units of (distance / time / time); and you must convert it to meters/second/second (meters/second2) to have consistent units.

You will get an after taist menutes after injection but goes away minutes after no effects afterwards

Since acceleration is a change in velocity, if your velocity is constant (does not change), your acceleration is zero.

Constant speed (in a straight line) means there is no acceleration.Constant speed (in a straight line) means there is no acceleration.Constant speed (in a straight line) means there is no acceleration.Constant speed (in a straight line) means there is no acceleration.

It depends how fast you are traveling. if there is no acceleration, use time= distance/speed. for linear acceleration google SUVAT equations.

when it gets pierced initially it does bleed for a couple of minutes but afterwards it will be fine

As long as the 30 minute are spent driving in a straight line, the acceleration is zero.

what could cause a car to run for 20 minutes and dye and waiting about 5 minutes it will start back up and run for a couple of minutes and then have to wait and it will start back up and go for about 5 minutes and dye again. Chevy cavalier 2004

When something is traveling at a constant velocity it has no acceleration. In other words your answer is 0.

If an object is traveling at a constant velocity, its acceleration is 0. Even if it traveled for 2 years.

not enough information to answer, we need the acceleration rate

zero - it is constat velocity. so acceleration is zero50 m/s2 Another : The acceleration is ZERO. Acceleration is defined as the change in velocity per unit time. If the ball is traveling a constant velocity over a two minute period, the acceleration would be zero since there is no change in velocity.

Warm up for a good five minutes, then vigorously pedal for about a half hour constantly if you can. Afterwards, cool down for five more minutes with light pedalling.

Either acceleration, average speed, direction, or instantaneous speed.

when i got mine peiced it did hurt, but only when the earing was put through, and for a few minutes afterwards.

I saw this question and decided to test it out. I'm still alive, but I did vomit afterwards.

Only a penis is capable of causing pregnancy, not a leg.

Magnitude of average acceleration = (change of speed) divided by (time for the change)Average 'A' = (16 - 6) / 240 seconds = 10/240 = 1/24 meter per second2-- That's the average over the 4 minutes. We don't know anything about thevalue of the acceleration at any particular instant during the 4 minutes..-- We're working entirely with scalars ... speed, not velocity, and magnitude ofacceleration ... since we don't know anything about the car's direction at anypoint in time during the whole event.

Wondering the same thing myself - was at 173 after 30 minutes on treadmill. I'm 37 and after the 30 minutes had covered 5kms so I wasn't walking it. I don't run very often and felt fine afterwards anyway...

The bus would lurch every few minutes, causing passengers to feel nauseous.

Not very long! It takes about 5 minutes to get them pierced, and about 10 minutes for the pain to go away! its takes like one minute Its takes about 3-5 minutes to get them pierced, and about 5-8 minutes for the pain to go away. By the way there's not much pain afterwards its like someone just pinched you on your ear.

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