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install a well built C-6

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Q: 1991 f150 with mildly built 351 and aod auto transmission would it be worth the money to upgrade to a newer e4od or replace the stock aod?
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Can you upgrade your laptop battery?

If you have a built in battery, then you can upgrade it.

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Where is the soleniod on a 2001 Chrysler Sebring?

The starter solenoid is built on the starter. The transmission solenoids are on the transmission.The starter solenoid is built on the starter. The transmission solenoids are on the transmission.

1998 Tahoe transmission fluid gets into the cooling system?

The transmission cooler is built into the radiator, and the tubes on the cooler are leaking Trans. fluid into the engine coolant. Need to replace radiator.

Can you upgrade an integrated video card?

No. That's what "integrated" means; it is built into the system and cannot be removed. Depending on the type of system, you may be able to install a card to supplement or replace the integrated card's functionality, but you cannot physically remove or replace the chip.

If there's transmission fluid in my radiator how do I fix it?

The transmission oil cooler built into the radiator has gone bad. There is a good chance engine coolant is also getting into the transmission. This is a serious problem. Do not drive the car any further. Have it towed to a garage to replace the radiator and flush both the cooling system and the transmission. Good luck.

What transmission is in the 2003 Chevy Avalanche 2500?

It is a 4L85E transmission. The 4L85E is GM built, not allison, 4 speed automatic transmission.

If you change your v 6 250 ci into a 350 v8 in your 72 nova what kind of transmission will you need to go with the engine?

depends on how much power and what you want as far as the ratios i have a 74 nova with a mildly built 350 and have 350 turbo trans with a shift kit wrks just fine for me

Why do you have oil in your coolant recovery tank but your 2003 Pontiac grand am still runs good?

Your radiator is probably leaking transmission fluid into your coolant. Trans cooler is built into the radiator. Replace the radiator.

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Can a 1987 buick grand national be manual transmission?

No stock GN was ever built with a manual transmission (unless it was modified).

How do you service transmission?

Servicing the transmission properly requires replacement of the filter screen and flushing the system with a machine built for that purpose.

1989 Camaro but it has a v6 and you want to put a v8 in it what kind of modifications do you need to do and can you use a trucks 5.7 and tranny?

You can put a 350 in with a TH700 without much modification because the body was built for that motor. You do have to upgrade the cooling system because the stock radiator cannot handle a V8. I wouldn't use a driveline from a truck, especially the transmission, because it was built for optimal torque and not speed. If you cannot scavenge a 350 from another Camaro, I would take one out an 91-92 Cadillac RWD or 80's Caprice (get one from a cop car and you will be untouchable). Defiantly get the transmission from another Camaro V8, because of the gear ratios needed. And you may also need to upgrade the final drive, so scavenge that from the car you take the transmission from.

How do you replace voltage regulator on 1997 sunfire 2.4?

you have to replace the whole alternator. It is built in and not external.

Does the 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo have a transmission cooler?

It is built into the radiator.

Will a 5.7 hemi fit a 4.7 transmission?

Doesn't matter if it does or not... that 4.7 transmission isn't built for the torque output of the 5.7, and all you'll accomplish is to destroy a transmission.

How do you change the transmission filter on a '94 Mazda 626 4 cylinder front wheel drive?

If it has those transmission without a transmission pan then all you can do is drain the fluid and refill it back up with fresh one. The ones I have seen are like Hondas, their filters are built inside the transmissions, so in order to replace the filter is to rebuilt the transmission. Those Mazda transmission should use Mercon III transmission fluid but check in your manual book to make sure. The Honda transmissions uses special transmission fluid from the Honda Dealer only.

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