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1992 Buick road master after you put a new battery it crank but wont start what is the problem

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โˆ™ 2009-02-19 19:26:09
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Q: 1992 Buick road master after you put a new battery it crank but wont start what is the problem?
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Why does your starter relay just click when you try to crank your 1991 buick park ave?

Have you checked your battery lately?

Why would a 95 Buick roadmaster not to crank?

A trick question?? the obvious #1 ans.-- a battery problem, then on to a cable from the batt. to the starter, then a bad starter ,then onto a problem inside the motor,(Like the timing chain or anything within the path of the motor's moving parts.)

I get a single click from the starter but it will not crank what is my problem?

your battery is dead or the starter solenoid

2002 Buick lesabre crank dont start?

what can cause a 2002 buick lesabre to not crank

Why would a 1994 Buick Park Ave shuts down when hot but will start up after second ign?

I had a 1994 Buick Park avenue that would do this occasionally . The Mechanic replaced the crank sensor " and it "solved" the problem for several months. After several months a similar problem came up again. This time it appears to be a short in the Battery Cable connections. I could get out and just peck on the cable and it would start. I am going to replace the battery Cables entirely and see if this "solves" it again.

Why won't the crank spin?

Battery, battery cable or connections, starter problem, ignition switch not working. Be more specific please.

I have a 92 buick lesabre my security light is flashing and my car wont crank with the key what could be the problem?

take it to dealership

What is the problem with my dodge Ram 1500 if it will crank but won't run?

Low battery (bad battery or alternator) or bad starter, most likely.

Why won't a 2000 Buick lesabre start after changing the battery?

It depends on if it won't "crank" or wont't "start" if it worn't crank make sure your battery terminals are clean and tight if it still won't crank check the wiring if it looks ok suspect the starter.if it won't start it could be a fuel pump fouled spark plugs faulty ignition module faulty crank sensor or out of time. hope this helps.

On a 1995 buick lesbre why does the car not crank unless the heat from the sun hits the hood?

check the battery. mine wont start if its 0 or colder.

1993 Toyota Camry won't crank?

no power? Try a Battery Jump-Box, Or Maybe the Starter is no Good? But if it dont Crank at all You are having some sort of Power Problem, all Fuses connected, Battery Terminals, etc..

Why won't a 2000 Chevy Malibu not crank up when its cold?

Please clarify what you mean by "crank up". Do you mean that the engine won't crank when it's cold? If that's the case it might be a battery problem. Sometimes a battery can produce enough current when it's warmer but the temperature drops, the chemical reaction will slow enough that it doesn't make enough current to crank the engine. Have the battery checked. When a battery gets to that point it is weak enough that it will show up on a routine test.

Buick 3800 crank position sensor?

behind the crank pulley

1994 buick park ave wont start battery ok no clunck or crank Lights on bright on dash.. Then hour later it starts fine Is it the solinoid?

Sounds like it could be any component of the starter. Just had the same problem, first was a loose battery connection so you may want to check that as well, but ultimately needed replacing of the entire starter.

I have got an 1989 Buick Park Ave Electra that won't start The dash interior lights all come on as does the radio heater and ac When I turn the key dash lights stay on but all I get is silence?

If your battery is old, it could be the cause of the problem. The starter takes a lot of current to crank an engine. The fact that lights are working doesnt' give much info as to the state of the battery. Try blowing the horn, which takes more current, and see if that works OK. If it is weak, it is probably a battery problem. Try to jumper your battery from another car and see if that helps. If that doesn't help, it is likely a starter problem.

You put a new crank sensor in your 92 Buick and now its like its out of time?

You put a new crank sensor in your 92 buick and now its like its out of time?

On a 1991 Lexus LS400- the battery the alternator and the starter is new and the problem still persists - it won't crank and when it does I have to step on the gas pedal to get going- the problem?

sounds like the fuel sensor is the problem

Would the igintion control module cause it to crank one time and not the next?

it sounds more like you have a starter problem itself if it doesn`t crank. also check your battery and cables.

Your 2001 cabrio wont start it has a new battery why wont it start?

You need to determine whether your problem is a "no crank" problem, or a "no start" problem. To determine if it is a "no crank" problem, you will need to make two jumper wires. The first jumper wire should be about 6"-8" long, clips on either end, about 18g wire. disconnect smaller gage wire wire on the starter solenoid and jumper it with your jumper wire. Turn the ignition key on and then using another heavy gage (about 10 gage) wire, go directly from the positive terminal of the battery to the terminal on the starter where the battery wire connects. The engine should crank over. If it does not, replace the starter. If it does crank over, then you don't have a "no crank" problem, you have a "no start" problem, in which case this may be an issue with the alarm system. I goit lucky in that my problem was the starter, and not the alarm system. I performed the trouble shooting that I described above to determine that it was a bad starter. I replaced the starter, and all is well!

What would cause a 1997 buick park ave to cut off while driving and not turn over to crank up?

alternator went dead so did the battery or its locked up

What if your car does not crank?

Could be a dead battery, broken starter, broken solonoid, or an electrical problem like a broken wire, or fuse.

What electric problem would cause a 2008 Chevy Impala slow to crank?

It could be a weak battery or a bad ignition coil.

Why does my 1993 Buick regal crank but doesn't start?

could be the crank sensor, the go out. the have a reputation for that.

Why would a car with a brand new battery let you use the lights and radio but won't even try to crank the engine?

You need to check your ignition system, the problem isn't with the battery, obviously.

What would be the problem if a 1997 Chrysler Sebring convertible will not start does not crank?

If the engine will not even crank, then suspect a defective battery or starter. Start by removing both battery cables and cleaning the cable connections and battery posts. Reconnect them and see if it starts. If not put a battery charger on the battery and fully charge it. If it will not accept a charge is is defective. It the vehicle starts then you may have a defective alternator. If the battery is good and it still will not start, suspect a bad starter. You will have to remove it and have it tested.