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have maf code cleared on the computer. flush you water system again, that should include the heater core. What the maf has to do with the raditor i don't know it just may be one thing that just happened. it could be the sensor itself, the throttle body needs to be cleaned. hope it helps. duboff

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What causes your temp gauge to go to max reading when sitting still 04 dodge durango?

Overheating due to low coolant, inoperative fan, restricted radiator, etc.Overheating due to low coolant, inoperative fan, restricted radiator, etc.

Why would your VW Golf GTi 1997 appear to be overheating although the temp gauage is sitting middle oil temp reading 90 degrees celsius on digi display?

Take temperature at radiator when at normal operating temp. to confirm that it is overheating

Computer reading glasses?

You can get a pair of computer reading glasses at most pharmacies and Walmart stores.

What is the pressure reading for a Nissan b14 radiator cap?

14 psi.

What can solve a Buick Reatta engine overheating problem after replacing water pump flushing rad. System and new themostat and cooling fans are working correctly?

This problem is usually caused by a blockage in the radiator. Often, the car will run OK until it is placed under a load (i.e. pulling a hill). This is assuming the gauge is reading accurately and the radiator is not covered with bugs.

You have 2005 Impala and your temp gauge is not reading correctly but your engine is not overheating What is wrong?

Replace sending unit

What to if your computer is not reading you disks?

get another computer or disk drive

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How do you reset computer on gmc sierra?

I cannot get a reading from computer port?

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What is P1491 diagnostic reading on a 1996 dodge caravan?

Radiator fan relay control circuit

What is online reading?

Using a computer instead of a book.

What is it called when a reading is converted into computer language?


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You have got one in front of you if you are reading this.

What if you changed the temper sensor on your car and took out your thermosat and there are still signs of overheating?

next place,is to take temp reading between inlet of radiator and outlet of radiator 30 degrees difference! if good , remove water pump and check flow of water through engine block!garden hose. good possibility wrong radiator cap without blow back preventer happens all the time ! start there first. maybe wrong rad cap if replaced at one time! EGR valve clogged ? possible! causes overheating. I've never seen a sensor go bad , 98% percent its one of those issues. 1 time a cadalatic converter caused a restriction and overheated a car!

You ipod is not reading on the computer?

You need to have itunes installed on the computer, the latest version would be best.

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ylod, stop reading discs, overheating, corrupted hdd, trapped games. ps3s have less problems than xbox btw

How does reading as a hobby affect your computer skills?

you forget how to spell

What would cause the radiator fans to stop working on a 1999 intrigue - if is possible that a sensor broke if hit pothole?

Many things could cause that: blown fuse, bad relay, corroded wiring (if you live near sea water or in the North), bad temp sensor (have to have a scantool to check it), or the following.. First are you sure they should be going? They go based on the temperature sensor reading. Are you overheating? If you are not overheating don't worry about it. If you are overheating check your coolant level first. You could have air in the system that would cause it to over heat. If you have air and you haven't taken the system apart in the last month, find the coolant leak.

What is the best computer for browsing the internet and reading email?

Any computer is good for browsing the internet and reading emails, as long as you have connection to the internet. I browse the internet and read emails with my laptop.

How might you apply each of the four steps in the textbook reading system described in Ch 7 of the text to reading electronic materials?

How might you apply each of the four steps in the system of textbook reading, located in the A Plan for Active Reading section of Ch. 7, to reading text on your computer? The four strategies for Active reading are previewing, marking, reading with concentration and reviewing. Applying these techniques to reading text on a computer screen is simple in some aspects and different in another. College students will have to adjust a few active reading steps so they apply to computer reading. Previewing is looking over a chapter for the introduction, summary, heading, sub-heading, and connecting it to the knowledge the students already knows. Reading the assignment online or in a book is similar for most college students concerning previewing. Here are several techniques in previewing that serve useful in computer reading, mapping, outlining, and listing. ]

How does the radiator fan of a 1992 Pontiac sunbird activate and deactivate?

The PCM (powertrain control unit/computer) sends power to the fan relay based on the output of the coolant temperature sensor reading. The relay then sends power to the fan; thus turning the fan on.

Why can't go to reading plus in my computer?

maybe cuz you need to download java. Or you do t accessability to reading plus

Where is the odometer computer on my 1999 jeep grand Cherokee?

There isn't a separate computer for just the odometer. Attached to the firewall behind the coolant bottle is the main computer. There are 3 cables that plug into the front of the computer and the odometer is in there. When you buy a new or refurbished computer for your jeep you need the vin number and the odometer reading so the computer can be programmed for your jeep. Meaning the odometer reading is in the main computer

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