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A repair kit will work on several different Ford/Mercury/Mazda Vehicles. If you can hear the motor spin but it will not raise or lower your glass it most likely needs a new gear kit. This kit includes three (3) bushings (torque bushings)and the nylon gear. The nylon gear shell (62 spline) is usually alright. Kits are available for about $5-$15 on eBay ( keywords = power window motor kit) and now at a parts store (those little "HELP" displays carry them). Remove the inner panel on the door. The window regulator will have to be removed (by drilling out 3 1/4 inch factory rivets)and the cover on the drive motor to access the gear (3 screws). Clean out all the broken up bushings and thoroughly clean the area around the worm gear. Assemble the (3) new bushings with a light coat of white grease or synthetic grease is available. REPLACE THE COVER. REINSTALL THE REGULATOR ( I have done this using 3 1/4 x 20 x 1/2 rounded head screws with self-locking nuts ( rounded head facing towards the inside of the car ( WHEN THE DOOR IS CLOSED)

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Q: 1992 Ford Explorer Power window does not work on the driver side all the other power windows work there was a clunking noise when you would roll them down any help on troubleshooting or replacing it?
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