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1992 Honda Civic lx radio removal procedure?

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Remove the part of the dash board cover that's underneath the radio (there are four screws that hold this part in place). Afterwards, remove the screws underneath that hold the radio in place. The Radio pops right out.

2006-01-06 02:06:34
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The radio codes for a 1992 Honda Civic can be found in any Honda dealership. Each code varies according to each individual car.

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I purchased a used Honda and I got the radio code from the Honda dealer's service department.

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Call any Honda dealership and give them VIN number of car the radio is from..they will tell you code.

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All radio codes are different, contact a Honda dealer.

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You have to take out the console directly below the radio. (The console has ashtray/lighter and another compartment) After that is removed, you can see the bottom side of the radio. There are 2 screws that hold it in from the bottom. THIS INFO is for the removal of the factory stereo/radio

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you take the outer panneling off first. then unscrew the radio

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To fix the radio on a Honda Civic it would be best to take the vehicle to a mechanic or someone with experience in fixing this type of radio if the owner does not have the experience. This will insure that the radio will get fixed correctly as it is a rather difficult task.

Is keyless entry standard on 97 Honda civic lx?

No it is not. It's a dealer installed add on. It is standard on the EX but not the LX. If you want it for the 97 Civic LX then you have to buy the transmitter that fits in the cut out part of the stock radio. It's available from Honda dealerships. The installation is a moderate to advanced procedure.

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i have a 94 prelude CD player in my 99 civic all you have to do is call Honda and get the security code for the CD player

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