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just to let people know i repace the dist cap with aftermarket, did not work out , must use dealer part

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What drink do you drink to get rid of a cold?

I drank Daria and I didn't have my cold in 5 mins

Why do hydraulics only work after running for 20 mins on a case 1394 tractor?

because the oil is too thick when its cold. change the oil for a thinner oil and it will be fine, i had the same problem.

How long can you let active dry yeast prove?

About 20 mins is fine.

Is it good to have steam for hair daily?

Why not? Steam daily for 15 mins is fine.

What is the time frame for cooling of hot foods for cold storage?

90m mins

When was Dylan and cole born?

4th August 1992 Dylan is 10 mins older than cole

Can you get sacked for not being early for work my employer will fine me if i am not 10 mins early for work. is this legal in the UK?


Why won't Twitter Mobile activate?

if its a blackberry phone pull the battery out for about 5 mins then it shall work fine

How long does it take to replace blower motor 1992 Chevy truck?

About 15 mins. That's a easy job.

Why is there a yellow world with lines in on my blackberry?

If you just take the battery out when the phone is on for and leave it out for five mins it will be fine unless you have dropped it.

Your Mazda mx3 1995 1.8 v6 keeps cutting out after a few mins of driving and normal starts again after a few mins but other times can take days you have renewed th fuel pump but still no joy?

change the cam position sensor

How do you prepare cold salmon?

you cook it in the oven for 15-30 mins. then salt and addd garlic for some taste.

What insulating materials can keep drinks cold?

put the drinks on a sock and hang it outsude your home for about 30 mins

How long does it take for a teaspoon of sugar to dissolve in water?

Hot water or very cold water .

How many hours is the flight from Los Angeles to Miami?

6 hrs and 15 mins via Spirit Airlines... You'll be fine.

What was the main reason many people died on the titanic?

the water was to cold, u could only stay alive for 3 mins in it, hi im kirstin and im 10 the water was to cold, u could only stay alive for 3 mins in it, hi im kirstin and im 10

If you add milk to tea before 5 mins does it affect heat loss?

Yes, I would think so, because you're adding cold to hot but maybe after 5 mins it would lose heat.

When is Dylan Sprouse birthday?

Dylan and Cole were born on the 4th August 1992. Dylan is 15 mins older than Cole.

What is the accurate time for melting strawberry ice cream?

Approximately 3 mins depends on how cold your fridge is when where you are around the world :)

Does ac run cold for 15 mins then hotwhy?

no it may be overheating or it ma have not been fitted properly, you should get it checked

Does cold affect real care baby?

Depends.... If u leave it out in the car or a cold place, it can damage the realcare baby but standing outside for 30 mins, wont make a difference..

Why can't I zoom anymore with my blackberry curve 8520?

Just pull the battery with power on........ wait for few mins then try it again... then it will be fine......

Is it normal for the idle speed of a diesel engine to go up to 1100rpm when cold then drop to 800rpm after 5 mins?

NO that's bad

How long is each of the Harry Potter movies?

Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone is 152 mins. (2 hrs 32 mins) Chamber of Secrets is 161 mins. (2 hrs 41 mins) Prisoner of Azkaban is 141 mins. (2 hrs 21 mins) Goblet of Fire is 157 mins. (2 hrs 37 mins) Order of the Phoenix is 138 mins. (2 hrs 18 mins) Half-Blood Prince is 153 mins. (2 hrs 33 mins) Deathly Hallows pt 1 is 146 mins. (2 hrs 26 mins) Deathly Hallows pt 2 is 130 mins. (2 hrs 10 mins) In total, they are: 1,178 mins. (19 hrs 38 mins)

Why will my blower only blow cold and not hot I let it idle for 30 mins and still cold air Pontiac transport 97?

here is what you need to do you need to buy one that goes cold and hot you only bought the one that goes hot