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1992 Pontiac Sunbird floods when started gas begins to pour out of throttle body when you press on the accelerater?

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Ohhh, that sounds bad. You probably have a blown seal or gasket. Get it fixed ASAP, that's dangerous.

2015-07-14 16:10:28
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Why does the fan come on when the car is first started on a 1990 Pontiac Sunbird the temp sensor has been changed?

the fan relay sensor is out of it.

Your 92 Pontiac sunbird just started smoking again after you thought your mechanic fixed the problem last week what do you do?

take his cigarettes off him

How do you install a started on a 1989 sunbird?

very carefully

I have a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird with a manual Transmission. when I started the car the RPM's ran really high until put in gear then went back to normal. no other noticable problems. Car won't start now.?

there is a mass air flow sensor on the carb/throttle body.My son has a 91 that does this so asked his brother who is a licensed mechanic.Easy to reach and fix

When did Pontiac first start out?

pontiac first started out in 1926

Why does your 1987 Astro go full throttle when the engine is started?

Your 1987 Astro might go full throttle when the engine is started because the throttle is sticking. This could also be a problem with the starter or the ignition hanging during the start.

What causes a 1999 Jeep to run full throttle when started without the gas pedal being touched?

stuck throttle butterfly plate

What company made the GTO?

Pontiac made the GTO. And no it was not started in 1968 as stated above lol.

Which makes and models came before the 2003 Vibe in the Pontiac line-up?

Pontiac started it's business in the early 1900's and have come out with multiple models of several different cars. Some of these early models include the Pontiac Fiero, and the Pontiac Grand Am. The Pontiac Tempest, and the Pontiac GTO are also good examples.

Which car company made the Firebird car?

Pontiac made the Firebird car. Pontiac started making the Firebird in 1967, and the latest model was produced in 2002.

Why does 2001 Honda Passport hesitate when first started?

Clean the throttle position sensor and throttle plate, then use electrical contact cleaner to clean the air flow sensor at the air filter.

What is the song in Charlie's Angels Full Throttle before the motorcycle scene started?

It's "Feel good time" by Pink

How do you go over this problem Your 1998 Mazda 626 2.0 lit 4-cylinder engine goes on maximum rpm when engine is started?

Throttle plate stuck Control cable bound? Throttle body assembly?

Head gasket cracked my 86 Pontiac Sunbird convertible started spewing white smoke after I put oil in . mechanic says head gasket cracked and water coming out of tailpipe. will new engine solve this?

Why change the engine ? A head gasket replacement with a head skim should cure this problem & would be a lot cheaper than a engine change best wishes

What year did GM start building the Pontiac Bonneville?

GM started building the Pontiac Bonneville in the 1950s. It was the company's first top-line model, and served as a luxurious and high performance vehicle.

What is wrong when 2003 Pontiac sunfire started stalled started brake pedal was hard to push when trying to back up and stalled?

why is my brake pedal hard on 2003 sunfirer

How can a person get information on starting a Pontiac dealership?

The best place to start gaining information on starting a dealership would be either on the Pontiac website or at a Pontiac dealership. Feel free to ask those who have already done what you are trying to do for advice. Speak to the current owner and find out how they started out and what tips they have for you.

Why would a 1992 Chevy Beretta idle extremely high after it is started followed by a little jerking then mellowing out?

Could be the throttle position sensor

Why would none of the gauges work on a 1996 Pontiac Gran Am GT V6 even when the car is started.?

Check a fuse

What is wrong with my Yamaha Razz if it won't stay started after I throttle it up?

If it runs with the choke on, and then- just won't with the choke off,, gas flow is restricted..

What does lj stand for on 77 Pontiac grand prixs?

The LJ designation was a "limited" or "luxury" tag never officially defined by Pontiac. The model was a differentiator from the SJ model. Pontiac started using the J and SJ option identifiers in 1969. These names were borrowed from historical Duesenburg models of the 30's.

How do you change the starter on a 1987 4 cylinder Pontiac sunbird?

First take out the blower motor on the passenger side. Just the motor not the whole assembly. There is a bracket on the end of the started and take that off too. Disconnect wire from starter and take off the 2 bolts holding the starter. Also disconnect transmission gear selector cable by the starter. All this is a tight squeeze but it can be done. Or go to and they have a diagram that helps too.

1991 ford ranger 2.3 liter changed throttle position sensor computer ICU modular checked timing and started runs at 3000rpms will not kick down with pedal cable on or off throttle body and its closed?

Most likely it's a vacuum leak.

87 Chevy astro is high idleing when started and warmed up?

There are a few things that could cause an 87 Chevy Astro to idle high when it is started and warmed up. It could be a bad fuse, a leak in the vacuum, or an issue with the throttle.

How do you fix a high idle in a 95 cavalier when started idels at about 1000-1500 then when driven a block goes down to normal?

Could be a Throttle Position Sensor.