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Honda no sparkI am having the similar problem with my 92 accord... have you tried replacing the computer? You can get used ones or rebuilt as an alternative to the $800 new one from Honda.

I had that problem on my 1990 accord. the pickups inside the distributer were the culprit. Once I found it, I put in a new distributer and it fired right up and ran like a champ. I hope this might be helpful.

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Has anyone had the chain wear through the housing on the transfer case on a Jeep Cherokee?

Yes, that can happen. When it does, the transfer case will need replaced. Causes include mileage wear and running with low fluid.

Is Barry Sanders a good running back?

Yes ... he was an excellent running back.

Where can I buy good women's running shoes?

Zappos.com is one excellent site on which to buy running shoes. They have excellent customer service and tend to be affordable, even if you are on a budget.

What makes these shoes "high mileage"?

High mileage is a term to describe running shoes. The support in these shoes is designed for long distance running. A hiking shoe would be a better shoe for hiking.

After how many miles should running shoes be replaced?

Running shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles. The exact number depends on a variety of factors like the weight of the runner, the style of running etc.

Who replaced Willie Parker on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

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What sport does Cathy freeman play?

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What's the best brand of women's running shoes?

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Why is your Malibu running hot?

head gasket leak or thermostate needs to be replaced

91 Chevy 4.3 running rich WHEN WARM UP?

If the oxygen sensors for the 1991 Chevy 4.3 is running rich when it is warmed up it is best to have the sensors replaced. Once the sensors are replaced this should resolve the issue.

What are the symptoms of a bad oxygen sensor in a 1993 Suzuki Sidekick?

On most vehicles, a bad o2 will cause the chech engine light to come on, decrease in fuel mileage, and varioius runing problems including: surging, running rough, stumbling.....

What is the highest mileage BMW k1200s motorcycle?

Saw one with 82K, no rebuilds and still running strong...........

What are the signs your car needs engine work?

Fluid leaks,Noises,Smoke out the tail pipe,Poor performance,Poor fuel mileage,It stops running.

Why your civic running to rich?

Your civic could be running too rich because you used bad gasoline. It could also be running rich if a spark plug needs replaced.

An energy resorce which can be replaced?

Trees, electricity, water running, wind, solar power, and others. NOT be replaced... fossil fuels, oil, gasoline, and others.

Should a bad cylinder be replaced in a 1999 Honda CRV with 100000 miles or cut losses and trash car?

With that kind of mileage I would go ahead and do an engine overhaul or swap. Unless the body and running gear have been used and abused it should have another 100K left in it.

Your night time running lights quit working you replaced every fuse but still nothing Why?

If the night running lights have failed the bulbs should be checked. Find the bulb housings and remove the parts. After the bulbs are replaced check the lights.

What has the author Marvin Rothenstein written?

Marvin Rothenstein has written: 'There's a human being in that sweat suit' -- subject(s): Running 'Mileage unlimited' -- subject(s): Running

What is the gas mileage of a 1989 ford bronco 5.0?

About 12 city/15 highway with a good running engine.

What are the benefits of running advanced timing or retarded timing?

You will get pinging if you advance it and you will loose gas mileage and power if you slow it.

Why does your car stop running when the key is released?

If the engine stops running when the key is released, then the ignition switch is probably bad. The switch will need to be replaced.

What is considered too high mileage on a 1998 Chevy Silverado Z71?

A high mileage for the vehicle is anything over 200,000 miles. Many people are keeping their vehicles longer as long as they are running well for them.

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