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1992 buick rivera run shut off when cool off will start again when cool have replace fuel filter fuel pump but will not start?


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If your car is not overheating. Most common problem is bad ignition module-expensive but easy to change. Or crank sensor, cheap-but hard to change. As a mechanic with 20yrs experience, these are the most common problems with this complaint. The answer below is only if the car is overheating and boiling over.

sounds like head gasket at worst/ timing advance and a good tune up at the least

hi if i understand it it will start when its cool then stop. how long does it run before it stops. It could be a relay switch 10.00 dollar part do that before you change a fuel filter that's in your engine.

if it was a head gasket check your oil if it has a yellow or watering on the stick then change your oil and confirm .If it has no water then check eleltrical . also mine a 93 riviera has two gas filters buy 1 10.00 dollars and find it ask sales person under car mines in between the hard block and a hard place.

if it has water in it try to buy some type of block pour into radiator. don't throw good money after bad money into it i did that mistake on my last two cars. if your realy need to save it from the graveyard there are options in the local recycler.