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1992 dodge stealth starts and stalls after few seconds of running?


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2008-03-21 00:12:30
2008-03-21 00:12:30

sounds like a fuel problem to me,check your fuel filter,or even you air intake tube make sure it is bolted nice and tight to you throttle body.IT could be a lot of other thing as well like you MAS sensor,ect... but always start with the easiest stuff first when troubleshooting a problem....GENO


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Sounds like the alternator and eventually it wont start back up for you

try cleaning the carb. generally when it starts and dies it is a sign of a blocked passage in the carb

The pathfinder may be running to rich. It could be the 02 senser,air flow senser, or bad gas

There is most likely something in the gas tank. When the car starts the fuel pump starts sucking in fuel and when the trash gets to it the gas will not be able to flow through the clogged pump so the car stalls. When it stalls the fuel pump stops suction and the trash comes out allowing it to start again.

It sounds like your alternator is no longer recharging your battery. You probably need a new alternator.

The carburetor needs to be cleaned out. It is only getting enough fuel to start it. It doesn't get enough fuel to keep running, so it stalls out.

Could be a clogged or partially clogged fuel filter, and/or the fuel pump itself. The asker doesn't say whether the car will restart immediately after is stalls or not.

the idle jet in the carb is blocked and needs to be cleaned out and reset

It is probably the alternator. That is what keeps the battery running to the rest of the vehicle. It is probably the fuel to air mixture or a vacum leak. If you hear a hiss when it is running then its vacum if it just slowly stalls when you don't give it throtle then it is fuel.

since no one on here helped me I decided I'd throw in a starter. Turns out that was the problem, along with a vacuum leak.

won't stay running starts and goes then stalls Sounds like might be a float ,fuel filter or maybe just needs a good cleaning. Hope this helps.

5 seconds seems about the same as my 2001Has the fuel filter been changed lately?See "Related Questions" below for more

It could have something to do with your oxygen/air flow sensor

bad fuel pump, you dont have enough pressure to stay alive.

It has a vacuum leak or the IAC is faulty.

I am not sure of the entire problem whether it starts all the time and stalls occasionally or does it shut off as if you just turned the key off? If it is the latter, check the ignition module near the distributor. If it is running try tapping the module and if it stops, that may be your problem.

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