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The new one should be r134 compatable, dont stress the conversion involves only changing the O rings which you will have access to anyways since you will have to remove the hoses to change the compresser. Have a shop remove the old refrigerant since it is illegal to release it into the air.

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Why cant you add r12 to r134 what happens?

Why would you want to even consider doing this? R12 is no longer in production and as such it cost almost 4 times as much as R134. But to answer your question, use R12 in a R134 system and you will destroy the compressor as the oil is not compatible with R134 oil.

What ac refrigerant freon is required in 1997 ford f150?

r134 should be about 2 lb

What refrigerant is used in a 1992 Oldsmobile delta 88?


Where do you put the oil in your R12 compressor?

First of all, you don't use R12. Rather, R134 which has the oil included.

Do your 1998 Honda Accord have 134a refigerant?

Yes, it should have R134. Look on the A/C evaporator or on the compressor. it should be listed there.

What type of refrigerant in a 2003 grand marquis?

R134 is used in all cars after 1992 or so.

Can you mix R134 with R22?

If you are referring to automotive refrigerant, the answer is no. Neither refrigerant will work properly if mixed and might damage the compressor or other components.

What is the refrigerant for a Ford 400 ci engine?

If your vehicle is a 1994 or older is contains R12. 1995-96 It man contain R12 or R134. After 1996 it will contain R134. It is listed on a label near the compressor dryer. Engine size means nothing.

What type of refrigerant is used on a 1992 gmc sonoma truck?

R12 It is not produced anymore. Have to covert to R134.

Why does the AC not turn cold after you installed one can of R134 and it reads in the Blue which shows full for a 1995 Ford Contour What can you do to get cold air again?

If the AC compressor is engaging it could be the heater control valve is stuck open. If the AC compressor is NOT engaging you probably have a problem with the controls, a sensor or the compressor.

How much R134 does a 92 GMC suburban take?

The 1992 GMC Suburban came from the factory with R12 not R134. Unless it is has been converted to use R134 you cannot simply add R134. If it has been converted you need to have the leak fixed before adding anything. It is illegal to add refrigerant to any system without first repairing the leak. How much it will hold depends on how much leaked out.

Does a 1994 Caprice use freon or r134?


What causes you ac not work when jumped from the relay already checked compressor r134 and the pressure switch seems like it coming from underneath the dash somewhere?

Jumped directly from the relay? Bad compressor clutch, bad relay, low or excess refrigerant.

Where is low port for R134 located on a 2001 Pontiac Aztec?

Follow larger hose from air compressor usually by passenger side firewall near accumulator/drier

How many cans of freon does a 1992 Honda accord take?

You do not want to buy Freon as it is very, very, expensive. Have the leak repaired, the system purged of all Freon R12 and the oil. Have it converted over to R134 refrigerant. You cannot just add R134 as the oil used in R12 is not compatible with R134. You will be money ahead by converting it.

Does the air conditioning in a car run off gas?

The A/C compressor is driven by a belt attached to the engine which runs on gasoline. The A/C unit contains R134 refrigerant which is a gas.

What is the Refrigerant requirement for 1995 Toyota Avalon R22 or R134?


Does a 1996 dodge stratus use freon or the r134?

R134 .... IS freon.

What kind of refrigerant does a Toyota Corolla use?

After 1992- r134A Before 1992- R22 but it need to be retrofitted for R134 if it hasn't been done already. It is ILLEGAL to use R22 in autos.

Does a 2001 ford F150 take R12 for the ac system?

No , that should be 134-a ( it should be shown on a sticker just in front of the radiator at the top ) Every vechicle from 95 and on uses R134A. Some cars may have even started converting over to r134 as early as 93 but officially EVERY VEHICLE from 95 and on has r134

How much oil do you put into the compressor before you put R134 freon on a Dodge Neon?

read sticker on A/c unit should be there Rick ASE L-1 MAster

What kind of AC refrigerant does the 95 Grand Prix SE use?

r134 a r134 a

Does a 1995 grand am gt ac unit use r12 or r134?

Should be R134

Why does your 2005 Suzuki xl7 ac light flash. ac seems to work though compressor cycles a lot. low R134 25k on car.?

Low refrigerant charge

What type of ac coolant does a Pontiac boneville use?

Unless it has been converted, prior to 1996 it was Freon R12. After that it is R134, 134a, or a similar refrigrant. Look on the dryer or the compressor for more information.