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1993 BMW 318i power window relay?


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2007-02-04 07:50:30
2007-02-04 07:50:30

its like around $58 bucks. Not worth messing with. just replace it. I think its in the main fuse box in engine compartment

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The automatic window relay, on your 1992 BMW, is located beneath the dashboard, on the drivers side. The relay switch should be labeled.

where is the temperature sensor 1993 BMW 318i

I would suspect an intermittent short in the wiring to the power window motor in the section between the door and the door jam.

where is voltate regulator found on 1993 BMW 318i

The blower relay in a 318i BMW 2001 model is located under the dashboard on the passenger side of the vehicle. It is difficult to reach and you need to remove the panel covering the blower relay first.

It depends on what year model you're talking about, but from 2007 to current the 318i has had 141 bhp.

The BMW 318i has a tank inside the engine that houses the power steering fluid. This tank is near the oil cap.

It has a M43B18 engine from 1993-1998

1985 318i (1983-1993 ) Engine code 18 4E1 is listed as being belt driven best wishes

You will find the power steering reservoir on a 2002 BMW 318i, under the BMW plastic cover over the radiator. It is a black and round, about the size of an orange.

could be the fuse, but the sunroof relay is above the sunroof switch attached to the motor, the relay is a possible answer to the sunroof not working.

The top speed of the BMW 318i cars produced from 1990-1993 was 123 miles per hour; for those produced 1993-1998 129 miles per hour. The increase is attributable to the change in the engine from a 113 PS to a 115 PS.

The 2006 relay is the auxillary fan replay on a 1996 BMW. The BMW is an all American ritzy car. Most prefer a Porsche as well. These cars are very expensive.

was the difference between 318 se and a 318i sport 2001 2003

the 1995 BMW 318 i does not have a fuel cutoff it has a fuel relay. It is located on the right side of the hatch pull away cover, expose fuel relay to the left, then replace it.

No. The 318i is a normal Benzine Motor. The 318d is diesel.

What is the oil for a BMW e90 318i

no because the place of the motor changes. only a 1994 engine fits on a1995 bmw 318i

the bolt pattern is 5x120 unless you have the older style convertible in that case the bolt pattern is 4x100

Before going to any great expense check the tension of the Pwr/Str pump drive belt & the fluid level of the Pwr/Str pump.

I have a 1999 BMW 328i and I found the fuel pump relay in the trunk on the left side (pasenger)it's right underneath the plastic housing on the inside of the trunk on top of the rear wheel mold. The relay is a 5 prong relay light green in color....... hope this helps, let me know if you found it.

how do you remove the fan clutch on a 1992 318i 1.8 liter?

Replace cabin air filter BMW 318i 1995

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