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1993 Cadillac eldorado drove to work fine when tried to go home it wont start no service engine light on no codes to pull?

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May 11, 2010 7:03PM

I would suspect your fuel pump. This can fail without warning

and on the older obdI vehicle rarely had codes for it. Crank it a

couple time and then pull out a spark plug and see if there is fuel

on the tip. If not I would replace the fuel pump relay. I dont know

which one it is, but it will be located in the distribution box in

the engine comprtment. Maybe you will get lucky and this is all

that is wrong with it. Also it elimenates the possibility of bad

relay. Also make sure you are getting spark. This should be the

first thing you should check, actually. Use an inline tester or

take a plug out and touch it to the block (plug wire attached) and

crank the engine and see if it sparks. Be careful though it packs a

punch if touch the plug. If no spark then the coil pack or

something like that is malfunctioning. Well, gives you a place to

start. Good luck.

also you may want to try having your electronic ignition module

tested its under the rotor button in the distributor be careful tho

when you remove it the wires can sometimes be extremely brittle my

car did the same thing and this fixed it by replacing it also try

your ignition coil which is on top of your distributor cap these

things can go bad and will let your car crank but not fire and

their relatively cheap to replace given you have the 4.9 not the

north star. around 20.00 for each which isn't to bad.

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