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In my case I just ordered and replaced the door pins. They wear over time and give a lot of play. Nothing fancy.

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โˆ™ 2008-05-26 01:22:15
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Q: 1993 Cherokee when doors don't close tight?
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Torque for valve cover jeep Cherokee 1993?

Wrench tight

How do you reset the alarm on 1993 Cherokee?

with the key lock and unlosk the front doors or the lift gate on the rear.

What years of Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission interchange with a 1992?

None, there wasn't a Grand Cherokee until 1993None, there wasn't a Grand Cherokee until 1993

Will a 1993 Cherokee motor work in a 1991 Cherokee?


Does the windshield for a 1994 grand Cherokee fit in a 1993 Cherokee?


When was Jeep Grand Cherokee created?

Jeep Grand Cherokee was created in 1993.

How do you remove a drivers side door panel on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

This is not a correct answer. deals with 1999 and above only. this site shows how:

Will a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission fit on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

If same engine and transmission models, yes.

Would a 1993 Jeep Cherokee wheel fit a 1996 Grand Cherokee?


Are 1993 Chevy Tahoe doors interchangeable with 1987 Chevy Blazer doors?

yes they are

Will a 1996 Grand Cherokee front clip interchange with a 1993 Grand Cherokee Limited?

Yes. The body style of the ZJ from 1993 - 1998 are the same.

Wii a door off a 1993 Jeep Cherokee fit on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee?

no, the body style on the Cherokee changed in 1997

Wiring diagram ignition 99 Jeep Cherokee?

1993 Jeep Cherokee Ignition Wiring ...

What is the towing capacity of a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD 5.2 Engine?

The 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 tow rating is 5000 lbs.

Will the door on a 92 Jeep Grand Cherokee fit on a 96 grand Cherokee?

The Grand Cherokee did not exist until the 1993 model year.

Did the 1993 Jeep Cherokee come with 4.3L engine?


How good does a 1993 Jeep Cherokee do on gas?

a jeep Cherokee with the 4.0 gets about 18-20 mpg

How do i override security system on 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Put the key in the driver side door and turn 2x to the right then once to the left to unlock. It overrides the alarm w/out having to have the remote. Unfortunatly you'll have to do it each time you lock and close the doors. It's still cheaper then having to buy the $165+ remote from the dealer.

There is a monitor in your 1993 jeep grand Cherokee what does it do it is located in the center of the dash at the bottom in front of the shifter you know it is not a tv monitor?

It has warning indicators for open doors, blown tail light bulbs, low fluid levels, .......

Will 1994 Grand Cherokee drivers door fit a 1993 Grand Cherokee?

it should, 93 - 98 are the same

How do you change a serpentine belt on a 1992 jeep grand Cherokee?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee did not exist until 1993.

Will 1991 Jeep Cherokee parts fit a 1999 Cherokee?

Nope. Cherokees are only interchangeable up 1993.

Why do the doors lock when you put the key in the ignition of your 1993 olds cutless supreme?

The 1993 Cutlass doors lock automatically as a safety feature. This helps to keep the doors from accidentally opening or someone trying to enter your cat at a stop light.

Where is the started solenoid on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

On the starter.

Where is the fuel pump on a 1993 Grand Cherokee?

It is in the fuel tank.