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Have you changed the fuel filter? If you do change the fuel filter, be sure to use two wrenches, one to hold the fuel filter fitting and one to turn the fuel line nut, I use flare nut wrenches which are less likely to round over the fittings and I place the wrenches on the nuts in a position that will allow me to grip both wrenches in one hand and squeeze them together to loosen the fuel line. Since the weather is freezing where I live a frozen fuel line is a possibility here. There is a fuel pump relay in the system, it looks like it is mounted on the firewall in my Haynes manual. The check of the relay indicates it is used to bypass the oil pressure switch so the engine will start, then the oil pressure switch takes over to complete a safety circuit and keep the fuel pump operating. I'm assuming allot in my interpretation of the manual so if anyone can clarify this jump right in. Hello and thank you for your help, well we changed both fuel filters a while ago and we checked the relay with another one.. what do you think about the oil pressure switch?? that is what I was thinking from what I read outta the book.. Thanks again

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