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pulse generator is bad

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Q: 1993 Ford Probe has the OD light flashing and a thump when it shifts between gears What is wrong with it?
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What does Bella have to do whenever she shifts gears in her truck in twilight?

Bella has to double pump the clutch when she shifts.

What are some examples of gears?

some gears i found is clocks,wheels,bycicles,stick shifts,and motorcycles

How much gears does a Ferrari 458 italia have?

6 e-gear shifts

What could possibly cause a jerking motion in a car when it shifts gears?

Could be the gears slipping. Might need new gearbox.

Where is the vacuum line running to the transmission in a 1984 camaro Z28?

It runs to the modulator valve from the intake manifold. Its what makes an automatic trany shift thru the gears. Low vacum = quick shifts and High vacum = long between shifts.

What would cause your 89 prelude automatic tranny to vibrate 50-55 mph between shifts up hill?

gears are slipping or not enuff fluid in transmission

What is the difference between the transfer case and transmission?

The transmission shifts through gears as your engine rpm increases and your transfer case engages and disengages your jeep in and out of 4 wheel drive. Your transfer case also has gears for 4x4 high or low.

Your 2006 Saturn ion3 is starting to shift gears hard?

2006 ion shifts hard

Why does your Ford Expedition jerk when it shifts gears?

More than likely, bad motor mounts

What would cause your 1993 ford probe GT to grind gears and not go into gear?


How do you fix the timing chain on a 1993 Ford Probe?

Replace the chain and both the cam and crankshaft gears.

Is your 2000 2.2l Chevy cavalier a 3 or 4 speed?

Count how many time it shifts gears. If it shifts 3 times it is 4 speed or 2 times it is a 3 speed.

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