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A bad Fuel Pump can cause starting problems and so can a bad timing belt. How many miles are on the car? If it's more than 100,000...take a look at your timing belt. Is it worn? Chrysler recommends replacement at 60,000 but some last up to 100,000. Any longer than that is pushing it and asking for a problem. A bad fuel pump will not allow enough fuel to fire the engine. I had mine go out about 3 years ago and had a similar problem as you are describing. I am leaning toward fuel pump on this one.

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Q: 1993 eagle talon has spark and fuel fires but won't start cranks over but every 3 seconds roughly but stopping then cranking again?
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When cranking the car it cranks for a second and tries to move?


What is wrong with your 1997 camaro ss cranks will not start?

if its cranking but not starting most likely fuel pump

1999 ford contour that cranks but won't start no power at pump when cranking?

bad fuel pump relay or fuse

How do you prime a 1985 GM diesel engine that has run out of diesel It just cranks cranks cranks?

== == 1) add fuel to the tank 2) fill the filter 3) crank it for 15 seconds, wait 15 seconds 4) repeat step #3 5) repeat step #3

1998 zx2 New batterybut in cold weather cranks over slowly?

Does the battery have enough cold cranking amps? like 800

93 lumina cranks but won't start fuel pump runs?

i replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump relay. the pump runs for 2-3 seconds when key is turned. after cranking for awile, pump runs for 10-15 seconds after key is turned off. sputters a bit when sprayed w/starting fluid. it is probly your fuel injectors. get them tested.

2000Dodge Stratus it cranks but it will not start. what are some things besides a fuel filter that will prevent it from starting?

A good possibility would be the fuel pump which is on top of the gas tank. If you go that route, change the pump and filter. It may not be a fuel problem. The first thing to do is check for spark at the plugs. Another thing is: If you ran it out of gas, try cranking it for a couple seconds, turn the key off and try cranking it again. Do this several times till it starts. When the key is turned on, the fuel pump only runs for a couple seconds and its not enough time to get the fuel to the engine.

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Why 93 Nissan altima won't start after overheating?

Is it cranking but not firing? Does it sound like there is rushing air as it cranks? Both yes.... You blew the head gasket and/or warped the head and now have no compression. :-(

Ford truck 83 f100 sometimes it will start and run fine other times it will not stop cranking unless you remove battery cable but when you connect cable back it cranks as soon as it touches battery?

Either the solenoid or starter has gone bad.

Why a 97 Chevy Tahoe not turning on only cranks?

do you mean it cranks, but will not start?

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How do you prime a 1987 Ford F-250 diesel engine that has run out of diesel It just cranks cranks cranks.....?

I would add fuel to the tank, and then use the fuel pump relay to prime the system. Good luck. add fuel to your fuel filter and put it back on and should start. On older diesel engines dont worry about the fuel pump relay. Add clean fresh fuel to the filter and hold the pedal to the floor while cranking and it should start.(release pedal when it starts)

If you have power to your coil but no spark wile cranking could it be due to a poorly charged battery?

If there is enough power to crank the engine at a decent speed then you should see spark. Please test the coil or crank sensor if the engine cranks over at a normal rate.

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No of cranks used in 6 cylinder engine

What are the symptoms of bad fuel pressure regulator?

If the engine cranks & cranks & cranks before it starts even though it's warmed up already.

What part would I need if the car cranks but doesnt turn over?

Cranks is the motor turning over, But cranks and won't start means either you no fuel or no spark or both.

What causes a 1996 camaro to die at highway speed and then take several cranks to restart?

try changing your fuel filter, sometimes if it gets clogged the fuel pressure drops to zero causing the engine to stall, when you are cranking I assume you are also pumping the gas (repressurizing the line)

95 neon cranks won't start repl PCM ign coil relays crank and cam sensors fuel pump what next?

timing belt, if you notice the engine turning a little too fast when cranking, it means there is no resistance at the valves, which is caused by the timing belt not connected to the crankshaft

Mazda miata won't start could it be the clutch?

It could be the clutch safety switch. Does the engine crank and not start, or is it not cranking. If it cranks, then no, it could not be the clutch. If it won't crank then you can climb under the dash and look for the switch that closes when the clutch is pushed all the way to the floor (big white plastic switch). This switch has two large wires going into it. You can unplug the switch and jump the two female connectors in the wiring harness that led to the switch. A large paper clip works, but don't let it touch anything metal while you're cranking the engine. If the engine now cranks and starts normally, the switch is bad and needs to be replaced. Hope this helps.

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1999 E320 4 Matic sedan I am experiencing an intermittent starting problem - the engine cranks but won't start - if you let go of the key it keeps cranking It starts at some point later?

I had a simalar problem on my 99 e320. It turned out to be a crankshaft position sensor. by the way, the engine cranks automatically until it starts (or doesn't) even if you let go of the key and let it return to the run position. other possibilitys include the ignition key

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