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1993 ford e105 alarm reset?

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May 02, 2007 5:16AM

Thank you for your question. It appears that you have a 1993

pickup E150. If this is so, to clear the code, remove your battery

cables for about 5 minutes, and reinstall. this should clear the

code. My manual does not show a code 105, and that is why I believe

you are talking about resetting your codes. If you are having

problems with the engine running, first check all of your vacuum

lines for breakage. Second check all sensors to see if they are

working properly. It is best to buy a manual a manual for your

vehicle for help and specifications for checking these values.

Don't rely on a code reader to isolate the problem, it will only

show you a general idea of what is wrong. If you are not

experienced with working on vehicles, take it to a dealer for

repair. Thanks for asking, Joedi

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