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hey dude this is tatum.. try ur switch for your ignition .. some system involving ignition to solenoid ciruit system which involves starter engagment when key is inserted to ignition switch Outside chance that the flexplate maybe damaged or the starter is not "Shimmed" correctly and not allowing the starter toothed wheel to disengage. In some cases the starter may need to be "Shimmed" to move it away from the flexplate so that the gear does not get jammed. In any case, if you find the problem please let us know 8-) TommyTrouble

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Q: 1993 ford e350 starter won't disengage new starter new starter solenoid new battery any ideas?
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1993 ford tempo starter won't disengage new starter new starter solenoid new battery any ideas?

Try the ignition switch.or the ignition module located usually near distributer

1995 sable makes a clicking sound but wont start and the battery is good any ideas?

Check the leads to the starter and also if the battery has a full charge (should be around 12.4 volts). There may be a short in the wiring, fried starter solenoid or a wiring issue.

You replaced the starter and battery on a 1994 Ford Taurus but still just clicks and will not start any ideas?

You may have a loose or corroded ground connection. Not just the battery ground but the engine to chassis ground. You may also have a bad battery cable. If you see swelling on any part of the cable, replace it. Make sure the connections are clean and tight. Did you replace the starter solenoid with the starter, or is it a separate item? If the solenoid is separate from the starter, it is probably bad. It is unlikely that the ignition switch is bad, but possible.

You have a 1991 Corvette Sometimes when it's cold it doesn't want to start Makes a clicking noise when you try to start it then if you turn on the headlights it will then most times start any ideas?

You have a connection problem either at the battery cables or at the starter solenoid. It is possible that the starter solenoid is weak. Start with the battery first and work toward the starter. If the cables are at all so-so replace them. Let me know if this helps you. Mark

You have replaced the starter battery and solenoid on your 94 F-150 still clunks when you try to start any ideas?

I'd check the battery cables, both at the battery and where they connect to the solenoid and starter. Make sure to check the ground cable too. It should have a solid ground to the engine before the starter will work properly. it very well might be the teeth on your flywheel.. You have to pull flywheel cover where starter goes agnist the block and transmission and look to see if the teeth are ground down a lil bit..

Where's the starter located on a 1995 z28 when i turn over the engin it sounds like its not catchin just spinin anyone got any ideas?

sounds like the starter is bad. its underneath on the passanger side where the engine meets the trans. Raise the vehicle. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Disconnect the solenoid wire and battery cable on the starter solenoid. Remove the 2 starter bolts. Remove the starter motor noticing the position of the shim between the starter and the engine if equipped. (my 95 Z28 didn't have one) Installation is reverse of removal. Be sure to replace spacer shim correctly if it has one.

93 ford mercury topaz that makes one click when try to start it but won't turn over yesturday it worked fine Starter was just replaced 2 weeks ago battery is fully charged any ideas?

Check for loose or corroded battery cables Check trigger wire on starter (small wire) for corrosion (common problem) Bad starter solenoid

1989 jimmy starter making vacuum sound. When we jump the solenoid the starter makes only a whirling noise much like a vacuum cleaner. Any ideas on what is causing this?

IF you are jumping the right set of terminals, then: The solenoid is failing to 'push' the starter (pinion) into place and engaging the flywheel. The solenoid needs to be replaced, although the pinion and plunger is most likely worn: and replacing the whole starter assembly is normally not that much more expensive. Please note however that you could be jumping the power to the starter only thereby bypassing the solenoid. Solenoid: ---- P ------ R -------- S ----- X ----- P = Power or Battery cable X = Starter motor R = Run position (Starter bypass coil power) S = (Purple wire) Start from Key Be sure you are jumping power to the START wire, not the X starter terminal.

1992 Dodge Stealth won't start unless push started Then when turned off it won't start again Radio and headlights still work Any ideas?

Loose or corroded battery cable? Loose cable at starter? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid? Bad or misadjusted clutch safety switch?

Why won't my 1990 Honda Civic start gets crank but won't turn over symptom intermittent not the starter distributorcoil fine any other ideas?

If it won't turn over you may want to check Battery cables for tightness and/or corrosion Starter solenoid Neutral or clutch safety switch

Ford Bronco 1994 Eddie Bauer When you turn off the ignition it will not start again right away you must wait a few minutes until you can start it again any ideas?

If you get a click you need to replace the solenoid. if you get nothing at all replace the solenoid and buy a starter. install the solenoid first and try to start the car if it still doesn't start let it sit and then start it. try to start right after you turn it on with a jump start it might be the battery. If that doesn't work it will more than likely be the starter, so you have to install the starter. When installing the new starter you must still keep the new solenoid in. This should work I have a 96 Eddie Bauer bronco. Before you start anything check the fuses and the battery. the reason you get the solenoid and then check the battery again is because there might be a drain in the solenoid that doesn't allow the battery to hold a charge. If none of these things work turn off all the lights in your garage and have a friend try to start the car and watch the cap and rotor for electrical arc, this will also not allow the battery to charge quickly. If all else fails try the ignition.

1997 dodge ram 2500 that will not start unless i pull up on the fuel shutdown solenoid and then it starts i have replaced the solenoid and the solenoid relay and it still will not pull up any ideas?

Check for high resistance in the wiring to the solenoid, and in the battery cables. A weak battery can also cause this. If one battery is good, and the other is a little weak, the truck can turn over at normal speed, while the fuel solenoid doesn't move.

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