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The easiest way of determining whether or not the fuel pump is the culprit behind the noise is to stop the vehicle in a safe place when the noise is encountered, then pull the fuel pump fuse. If the noise is gone, but returns when the fuse is reinstalled, the pump is implicated. If the noise is loudest at the fill-tube of the fuel tank when the cap is removed and the engine is running, the source is confirmed.

2006-09-05 06:12:07
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Who is liable for hitting a stationary vehicle?

How can the person not moving be at fault? If we hit a pole or a snowbank we are deemed at fault, regardless of the circumstances, because they were not moving. Care and control of your own vehicle comes into play in this situation.

If the force from the engine is bigger than the force of the air resistance?

The vehicle accelerates, assuming the engine is in a vehicle.

Who is liable when a car hits a fence?

it would be the driver/owner of the vehicle...the insurance (assuming there is ins) on the vehicle would be liable for the repair to the fence assuming of course that the driver of the vehicle had the owners permission to drive subject to any exclusions in the policy

My vehicle spins out on interstate and hits another car. Who is at fault?

Assuming the other vehicle was in the right lane - you.

Your jeep is in repossision but your ex wife has the jeep and the can not find it can you be arrested it is in your name?

I'm assuming you are saying the Lien Holder cannot locate the vehicle? In many states the vehicle is not repossessed until the Lien Holder or their agent is in possession of the vehicle. Therefore normally you could not be arrested because they cannot locate the vehicle.

What is the vehicle type for a 1991 LTD Crown Victoria?

It's a full-size body-on-frame vehicle (assuming that's what you were referring to)

When was ambulance first written backwards?

im assuming that you mean the livery on vehicles. I cant find a specific date but i know that the livery was done this way because vehicle drivers may not be able to read the word when an ambulance is behind them. Because of this, they may worry that it might be a police vehicle.

Why is the engine output of an aircraft higher than that of a vehicle regardless of the same cylinders?

because they are not the same cylinders. Same principle, different engines. they are much more meticulously manufactured.

Can you get a dUI on a private road?

Yes. If you are in a vehicle with the keys in the ignition, you are considered to be driving that vehicle regardless if it is public or private road. You can be arrested in your own driveway even if you do not even have the vehicle started.

Can i be held responsible for expired tags on your companies work vehicle?

Yes. In all states, the operator of the vehicle is responsible for the vehicle's being in lawful compliance of all motor vehicle regulations regardless of who owns it.

What is considered operating a vehicle?

If you are seated in the drivers seat of the vehicle in question AND - the key is in the ignition - or on your person - or within your reach - regardless of whether the vehicle's engine is running or not, you are considered to be "in control" of the vehicle and therefore "operating" it.

Can a passenger in my vehicle come after my insurance company after an accident that was not my fault and the car that hit us had insurance?

If you have medical, yes because your medical under your car insurance covers your passengers, regardless of fault.

How much muriatic acid can be transported in a non commercial vehicle?

Up to 1000, before a CDL with a hazmat endorsement is required, regardless of what class vehicle you're operating.

How much weight can U-Haul on in Oklahoma class a CDL?

You cannot exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of that vehicle, regardless of which class of license you hold.

Is it illegal to have air bags on your vehicle?

No, why should it be? They are there to protect lives (assuming you mean that sort of airbag)

What do you do to find out how the fuel is getting into the oil?

Assuming this vehicle is fuel injected, you can do a leak down test.

Can a parent take a 17 year old kids car away if the kid owns it?

If the vehicle is actually registered in the name of the minor, the parents cannot sell the vehicle without the owner's consent. However, in most places it is illegal to register and title a vehicle solely in the name of a child, and the vehicle would therefore legally be the property of the parents. Additionally, regardless of how the vehicle is titled, the parents have full authority to restrict the child's privileges to use the car, regardless of who owns it.

Why do we still have geared cars?

Assuming you mean vehicles with standard transmissions, a vehicle with a standard transmission is more efficient and economical than a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

Why does the IRS require an employee who receives a vehicle allowance for business use of personal vehicle to purchase a vehicle worth 16k new?

I don't believe the IRS has any say in the type or cost of any personal vehicle regardless of its use. The vehicle allowance is determined by the business based on their criteria.

If a financed vehicle is contracted with another person who is not making payments can it be repossessed?

If you're asking whether the vehicle can be repossessed for non-payment, it can, regardless of who's supposed to be making payments. Whoever appears on the contract or paperwork for the car is responsible for the payment, regardless of what informal agreements may be in place.

Who is responisible for the damage to my vehicle if someone driving my vehicle intentionally damaged your vehicle?

you are because your the vehicle owner

If you hit a car that is partially parked in the residential road who is at fault?

more than likely you, they may assess a percentage to the 'illegally' parked vehicle, but look at it like this, what if it had been a child? you still have a duty regardless of the obstruction to be going at a speed that will allow you to stop without hitting something, (that is still in the road way)........assuming here now that the vehicle was just setting there didn't 'dart' out in front of you.........

How do you pay sales tax if you buy a vehicle from a dealer in Wisconsin and you live in Indiana?

You pay taxes to your home state regardless of where you buy the vehicle. A dealer can handle that for you, or you go to the courthouse.

If you move out of your parent's house and you were originally on your parent's policy for auto insurance do you need to get your own policy because you live in another residence?

Typically the owner of the car insures the car and lists all drivers of that vehicle regardless of where a driver may live. I own a vehicle that my father in-law keeps at his place. I have the vehicle listed on my own policy and him as an operator.

In Georgia can a repossession vehicle be sold at any price regardless of book value?

Yes. Whatever it gets at auction.