1993 linc mark8 has air suspension conversion but still rides like a buckboard wagon?

Don't know exactly how to answer that, is the whole suspension acting like that? Could be other suspension parts worn, especially in the front. What condition are the shocks in the rear? Could be a combination of both. Answer #2 Define better; still rides like a buckboard? Until then , like the first answer, most of these conversion Kits you have to purchase shocks as an option they are not usually priced in with the kit. So, check your shocks one or both maybe locked up. Also if they are OEM they are air shocks and the ride computer adjusts the firmness to account for road conditions. They maybe stuck on firm? Aftermarket shocks for a late model "T" bird will fit and you can get gas shocks instead of air. I convert all my Lincolns 3 so far, whether the Air Springs leak or not. In every case they ride smoother than OEM air springs. I have installed StrutMasters, Arnot Inc. and the last kit was made by Monroe. Monroe was / is by far the better Kit and the Monroe's did come with replacement rear Shocks but they are the only one's that came with replacement rear shocks. Also, have you checked wheel balance? Remember I requested you to define better. . . . still rides like a buckboard? Out of balance tires will shake you around pretty good especially if when you put air in your tires you also get . . . . Water i.e. condensation built up in the compressor tank at the local gas station or repair shop. drl