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Engine overheats When a car or truck overheats idling, in town, on the highway, while towing, etc. it is important to find out the reason to prevent engine damage. First, with the engine cold, make sure the radiator is full of coolant; if it is low, fill it and keep the radiator cap off while the engine idles to insure all air is bled out of the system. Check the coolant level daily; if the coolant goes down without visible leaks, it may be a head gasket starting to leak which will also cause the heater to blow cold air due to the lack of available coolant. If the coolant stays full, but the car continues to overheat, the next step is to replace the thermostat in the engine and flush the cooling system if that has not been done over the last few years.Buy a thermostat at a parts store and a PRESTONE flush kit which has excellent directions on the package.After completing these steps and the vehicle still overheats, have your cooling fan sensor/switch ( if equipped)checked out to insure it is coming on. Water pumps are seldom the cause as they are mechanical and will continue to work until their bearings give out. Finally, the radiator itself is often the problem as it tends to build up corrosion internally which prevents it from transfering engine heat to the coolant. Remove it and have it 're-cored'. One of these steps will solve the problem.

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Q: 1993 prelude overheats when driven but its fine when idling.could it be a head gasket?
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How do you you blow a head gasket?

Anytime the engine overheats you have the possibility of blowing the head gasket.

Overheats. pings. rad cap hard to remove?

replace head, head gasket, and head bolts.

1996 aurora overheats new wp radiator thermostat. still overheats?

try a radiator cap......or you have a head gasket leak.

What happens if your engine overheats?

You can blow a head gasket or the head can crack or be warped.

Expected life of a head gasket?

The life of the engine unless the engine overheats.

How long should a head gasket last?

Normally it will last the life of the engine. However if the engine overheats the gasket can be ruined immediately.

Would a blown head gasket make a 95 Ford Probe GT 6-cylinder over heat?

i have a 95 probe gt 2.5l with a bad head gasket and it overheats if driven longer than 5-10 min tops idk how to fix it though hope this helps

Oil in the radiator on a Honda Prelude 1993 model?

That means your car overheated and you blew a head gasket. It happened to my 1995 prelude.

How much is it to replace head gasket Honda prelude 1998?

How much is it to replace thehead gasket on a honda accord 1998?

Does change in the radiator makes a head gasket burst?

Yes, if the radiator is clogged and the engine overheats. The main cause of head gasket failure is the engine overheating.

What damage is there from an engine overheating?

depending on how much it overheats.... you can blow a head gasket...warp your heads ... crack your radiator..

Why does trunk leak on a Honda Prelude?

Tail light rubber gasket is worn out. $15 from dealer.

Why a 1995 dodge avenger overheats?

Bad thermostat, loose water pump impeller. Does it have a electric fan? Bad head gasket?

Reason's a H22A4 from a 1998 Honda Prelude would lose oil?

pcv valve replace every 30000 miles.. bad oil pan gasket, or valve cover gasket

How can a new BMW 323i gasket blow with less than 17000kms?

If you are referring to the head gasket it can blow easily if the engine overheats. Unless there is a factory defect this is usually why head gaskets blow and mileage on the engine is not a factor.

97 lumina overheats while idleing?

start with water pump. If its a V6 3.1L have the intake manifold gasket checked. You may have a coolant leak.

Failed head gasket couses?

A head gasket will usually fail when the engine overheats due to lack of coolant or extreme driving conditions. The easy way to check your head gasket for leaks ect. is to check the condition of your coolant and oil via the dipsticks, if your head gasket has failed your coolant and/or oil will be a creamy white colour.

What is the cost for repair on the head gasket on a 92 Honda Prelude?

The cost to repair this type of head gasket ranges from $20 to $180+. The price ranges based on store, brand and labor costs.

1997 cav 2.2 liter engine replaced water pump hoses thermostat and gaskets still overheats help?

did you check the radiator or the head gasket?

What else could be wrong with my 97 Seville STS It overheats and I've already replaced the thermostat with no change.?

it could be the water pump or a blown head gasket

Replased head gasket car still overheats?

Could be a cracked head. Do a carbon monoxide test in the overflow tank to see if exhaust gases are present

Why does a transmission leak when car is not driven?

Could be the fron seal, rear seal, or pan gasket

Why is your 1967 Dodge Dart 6 cyl 225 overheating Ive changed the thermostat and gasket the water pump and gasket changed the radiator hoses and it still overheats?

you probably need a new radiator and get the engine back flushed while your at it.

Can you drive on a blown head gasket?

In some cases, a car with a blown head gasket can be driven. However, it can lead to some bigger car problems down the line.

If a 95 Saturn SL1 overheats and has oil in the water what could be the problem?

Most likely a blown head gasket. Check for foam in your oil, if yes, then for sure, it's a blown head gasket. Oill will look white and foamy in most cases