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1993 prelude overheats when driven but its fine when idling.could it be a head gasket?

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2007-05-28 02:56:04

Engine overheats When a car or truck overheats idling, in town,

on the highway, while towing, etc. it is important to find out the

reason to prevent engine damage. First, with the engine cold, make

sure the radiator is full of coolant; if it is low, fill it and

keep the radiator cap off while the engine idles to insure all air

is bled out of the system. Check the coolant level daily; if the

coolant goes down without visible leaks, it may be a head gasket

starting to leak which will also cause the heater to blow cold air

due to the lack of available coolant. If the coolant stays full,

but the car continues to overheat, the next step is to replace the

thermostat in the engine and flush the cooling system if that has

not been done over the last few years.Buy a thermostat at a parts

store and a PRESTONE flush kit which has excellent directions on

the package.After completing these steps and the vehicle still

overheats, have your cooling fan sensor/switch ( if

equipped)checked out to insure it is coming on. Water pumps are

seldom the cause as they are mechanical and will continue to work

until their bearings give out. Finally, the radiator itself is

often the problem as it tends to build up corrosion internally

which prevents it from transfering engine heat to the coolant.

Remove it and have it 're-cored'. One of these steps will solve the


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