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Sounds like a fuel pump........and of course it's in the fuel tank which you will have to drop. Do you feel any buzzing or whinning from the fuel tank when you just turn the key on, do not start. Tap the fuel tank with a rubber mallet just to send some vibration through the tank and see if that helps. If it starts and runs you'll still need a fuel pump. You can go to a shop and have them put a fuel pressure gauge on your fuel line or rail at the engine and turn it on and see what kind of fuel pressure you are getting

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How do you know when to change oil in a 2009 Chevy Malibu?

every 3000 miles filter and oil needs changed. but if you think sooner thats fine.

How often should filter in a car be changed?

Depends on which filter you are asking about. Oil Filter = Every 5,000 miles. Air/Cabin Filter = Every 30,000 miles. Fuel Filter = Every 50,000 miles.

When should you replace the fuel filter located on a Chevy Impala?

it is recommended that the fuel filter be changed every 15000 miles or 12 months, but if you always drive on empty, you might want to change it more often.

How often should you change the filter on your fish tank?

Your tank filter should be changed every month. If your filter becomes clogged, it should be changed right away.

Is oil Infinite?

No. If your using regular oil it should be changed along with the filter every 3000 miles. If you are using synthetic oil it should be changed with the filter every 5000 miles.

When should fuel filter on 2006 Chevy silverado duramax be changed?

Every 16,000 miles the fuel filter should be changed. I do it every other oil change. The 2006 has a change fuel filter reminder on the DIC, but I don't know how it calculates the change interval. Fuel filter change is critical on the duramax because of the extremely high pressures of the common rail injection system. Any water or debris can cause major injector damage.

How do you know if fuel filter is going bad?

fuel filter is recommended to be changed every 15,000 miles

How often should an oil filter be changed?

Change the oil filter every time you change the oil.

How much oil does a 1998 Chevy Astro van take?

I'm not a mechanic. I owned two vans: one was GMC Safari , the current is Chevrolet Astro. Both are 4.3 L engines and I've changed oil regularly every three month. I've noticed a 4.4L oil can is sufficient.

When should you change fuel filter?

I was informed that the fuel filter shoulf be changed between 90 000km - 100 000km. The fuel filter is situated in the petrol tank and will only need to be changed every 80 000-100 000 km and not with every service...

How often should a transmission filter be changed?

I recommend you change it every 75,000 miles.

How often should the oil filter in my Saturn be changed?

Saturn recommends changing oil filter every 6000 to 12000 miles. Most mechanics recommend changing the oil filter with every oil change.

What systems on an automobile should be serviced regularly?

Your owner's manual list exactly what to service and when. Don't have one then get one. But there are some that are common to all cars. These are my personnel intervals and not necessarily what is correct for your car. The oil filter and oil should be changed regularly depending on how and where you drive. 5,000 miles is normal for most conditions. Air filter should be changed every 30,000 miles. Fuel filter every 36,000. Transmission fluid and filter changed every 50,000 miles. Brake fluid every 60,000 miles.

How often does an oil filter in a 2002 Nissan altima se need to be changed?

You need to change the filter with every oil change. Nissan recommends every 3750 miles.

Which fram oil filter to use for a 2002 Chevy trail blazer?

Why in the world would you want to install a Fram filter on your Chevy? The Fram filter is not a very good filter. Install an AC/Delco which is a great filter. Purolator & Wix also make great filters. Any of those 3 are superior to Fram in every way. Your Chevy requires a PF61 AC/Delco oil filter.

At how many miles should a Chevy Cavalier's Transmission Fluid Changed?

Recommended at every 25,000

What is the recommended mileage to replace a 1999 Chevy Suburban fuel filter?

Replace it every 75,000 miles.

How often should oil be changed on a 2007 Chevy hd silverado?

The engine oil should be changed every 3000-5000 miles

Where is the fule filter on a Kia Amanti located?

The fuel filter is in the gas tank and normally does not need to be replaced On my 2005 Amanti, the fuel filter is under the back seat, which must be removed to get at the filter. The filter should be changed every 30,000 to 40,000 miles (60,000Km) or every 3 years.

Does this air purifier require a lot of filter changes?

The Hunter Air Purifier should have the filter changed every year but for the best result possible changing it every 6 months is recommended.

Where is the location of relay switch blower Chevy astro 2002?

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How do I replace a WF50 water filter?

The filter should be changed every 12 months. To find out how to do that you will need the instruction manual which can be ordered from the manufacturer if you no longer have it.

How do you know if you have to change the fuel filter on your 2001 Chevy Malibu?

You just change the fuel filter at a regular scheduled interval. I recommend every 50,000 miles.

Is it necessary to change the filter everytime the fluid is changed?

The manual on my Ranger PU states that the filter must be changed every time the transmission fluid is changed. I always change my oil filter when changing oil, because if you don't, you leave 1 quart of dirty oil in the system. Filters are fairly inexpensive, so I would recommend putting in a new one with every fluid change.

What is an ac filter?

An air filter resides inside the air return for your car, usually inside the dashboard. This filter should be changed about every 2 years, or sooner if it gets clogged.