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Sounds like a fuel pump........and of course it's in the fuel tank which you will have to drop. Do you feel any buzzing or whinning from the fuel tank when you just turn the key on, do not start. Tap the fuel tank with a rubber mallet just to send some vibration through the tank and see if that helps. If it starts and runs you'll still need a fuel pump. You can go to a shop and have them put a fuel pressure gauge on your fuel line or rail at the engine and turn it on and see what kind of fuel pressure you are getting

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Q: 1994 Chevy Astro Van and it won't start Every time you turn the key to start it the van rurns turns over but it won't start. I changed the spark plugs and the fuel filter but it still won't start Help?
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every 3000 miles filter and oil needs changed. but if you think sooner thats fine.

How often should filter in a car be changed?

Depends on which filter you are asking about. Oil Filter = Every 5,000 miles. Air/Cabin Filter = Every 30,000 miles. Fuel Filter = Every 50,000 miles.

When should you replace the fuel filter located on a Chevy Impala?

it is recommended that the fuel filter be changed every 15000 miles or 12 months, but if you always drive on empty, you might want to change it more often.

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How much oil does a 1998 Chevy Astro van take?

I'm not a mechanic. I owned two vans: one was GMC Safari , the current is Chevrolet Astro. Both are 4.3 L engines and I've changed oil regularly every three month. I've noticed a 4.4L oil can is sufficient.

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