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your geers in your tranny are waring down and will cause the transmission to slip or not go into gear

2006-08-13 22:39:07
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Q: 1994 Ford Taurus Starts fine Put it in drive doesn't engage Put in reverse doesn't engage after doing this a few times it will take off What is the problem?
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The transmition is bad it happened to me its the overdrive selinoid also valve body problem possible, solenoid is on valvebody.

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What if you do not have the old key to turn to the on position for installing the new ignition in a 94 Ford Taurus?

My ford truck key fits and starts my taurus! But that might be because the switch is worn, but you might want to try a couple different ford keys before tearing off the steering column. there were answers for hard way also, here is one way that might work although it doesnt sound very easy to me:

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