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1994 Geo Tracker keeps blowing the fuse for the coil when you turn the key on any ideas on what to check for?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-21 16:10:10

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You have a short somewhere Start at the coil and work back toward your battery You will need an ohm or multimeter

2006-07-21 16:10:10
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Why fuse keeps blowing for injectors?

There is a short in the system somewhere. Check all the wiring.

The power door locks on a 2000 mercury cougar are not working and the fuse keeps blowing any ideas?

You have a wire shorting somewhere. First place I'd check is where they run from the frame into the door.

2002 KIA sportage and the main headlight fuse keeps blowing what could be wrong?

If the main headlight fuse keeps blowing out on a 2002 Kia Sportage, check for a short in the wiring. Also check to make sure there is no moisture in the headlight holder.

Why does the starter fuse keeps blowing in a 2000 Saturn sl1?

Check the wiring on the starter. Also check all grounds

Your fuel pump fuse keeps blowing?

You may have a problem in the pump. Take it off and check .

Air conditioner keeps blowing fuses on 2001 traker 2?

on my 2004 tracker this was caused by a bad relay on the right side inner fender under the hood

1994 tracker that keeps blowing the fuse for the signal lights there is no short anywhere can the switch on the column cause this?

Yes that could be the cause. If you keep blowing a fuse, either you have a short, loose connection, too small a fuse, or the circuit is overloaded.

Your 99 astro keeps blowing up stop fuse?

check tow hitch wiring for bear wires

When replaced the bulb keeps blowing out on left turn back signal is the fuse bad?

Check or replace the socket

My Signal light fuse keeps blowing on your 2003 tracker?

Remove all bulbs and check sockets for damage, frayed or shorted wires Replace bulbs one at a time until fuse blows to determine which fixture problem originates. Could also be a problem in the steering column

I have a 1998 Oldsmobile achieva that keeps blowing one fuse that disables shift lock air conditioner abs cruise control and automatic shifting. Anybody have any ideas?

if it keeps blowing fuses, look for a bare wire going into the fuse panel or a bad ground wire. There is a direct current all the time to keep blowing the fuse.

My 1998 dodge grand caravan keeps blowing the brake light fuse?

its either a dead short or not properly grounded check that out

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Brake lights work tail lights and park lights don't on a 1987 Pontiac Fire bird. Keeps blowing fuse and ideas why?

Check wiring from dash to rear,looking for damage.Have you fitted scuff plates or different fixing screws to these.Also check light switch as it may be your problem

Flasher relay in 2001 dodge ram 1500 keeps blowing how do you find out where the electrical problem is?

If the flasher relay on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 keeps blowing, a person can use a multimeter to find out where the short is in the wires. Start at the flasher plug in and check all of the wiring up to the fuse box in the engine compartment. Also check the wiring in the turn signals.

Your ignition fuse keeps blowing on your 95 grand am?

A fuse that keeps blowing is an indication of a malfunctioning ignition. The ignition may be the culprit or the wiring leading to the ignition may be the problem.

Why does my air conditioning keeps blowing fuses on your 2004 doge ram hemi?

Dodges were famous for this. Check to make sure that you dont have any shorts in the system.

Why does your 1997 Toyota corolla brake light fuse keeps blowing?

It's because you have a short current somewhere. You need to check the brake light wiring.

Heater blower fuse keeps blowing?

Motor hasseized.

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Your 2002 Ford Focus rear defroster keeps blowing the fuse immediately after replacement what can be wrong?

2006 Ford Focus rear defroster keeps blowing the fuse immediately after replacement

Why would a 1995 geo tracker quit going down the road has new fuel pump but keeps blowing fuses?

Did you replace any of the wires to the new pump? They may not be 'heavy' enough for the load of your pump, thus burning fuses. Or alternatively, are you running a pump that requires a higher amp draw? I'd check both the wires and the pump specs.

The fuse connected to the element in my back window keeps blowing any ideas?

You have a short. Very common problem with hatch equiped vehicals as the wiring between the hatch and body breaks and shorts.

Your cooling fan keeps blowing the fuse on your alfa 146 ti?

Check the wiring to see if there is a crossed wire, if that's ok change the fuse to a higher load.

What do you do when the fuse for the gauges keeps blowing?

You need to find the cause of the short.