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module is bad, viper has a lifetime warranty. with a little finesse you can do, it without the original purchase reciept. phjone 1-800-753-0800, and follow the prompts.

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How do you reset security system on 2003 Saturn L300?

my locks are locking and unlocking my trunk is unlocking my wipers are going it keeps binging and my keys are in the house

Why are automatic locks locking and unlocking while driving?

I had a suburban and just after the doors started locking and unlocking the alternator went out.....beware....there was only about a 30 second warning before it died completely..and that warning was the CD flew out of the CD player.

Where is the PUK code located on your phone?

it is a security setting just like locking and unlocking the mobile

Why does your 2001 altima skip at 40 mph when you are barely on the gas?

Probably the torque converter locking and unlocking.

What are the M4 carbine cycle of operations?

Firing Unlocking Extracting Ejecting Cocking Feeding Chambering Locking

Location of door locking unlocking relay of 2000 BMW 318i E46?

It is behind the glove box

How do you fix the power locks on your 1990 Cherokee. You hear the clicking but not locking or unlocking?

the locks may be seized or just need to be locked and unlocked until they are freed up. If the jeep has sat for some time just try manually locking and unlocking each door.

What does Keyless entry FOB mean?

That's your remote control for unlocking / locking the doors etc ( key FOB )

How do you disable a car alarm on a 97 Volkswagen?

Do this by using your key in the driver's door lock. While alarm is tooting your horn, simply proceed as if you were unlocking/locking your door. Do this by using your key in the driver's door lock. While alarm is tooting your horn, simply proceed as if you were unlocking/locking your door.

How do you make 2007 Honda odyssey auto locking doors from locking and unlocking?

check the manual or ask Honda if there's a fuse you can remove without adversely affecting anything else

Why would doors be locking and unlocking on your 97 Taurus it has no alarm or remote?

one of two reasons, someone is messing with you or you have a short (i.e. a wire that's split and arcs) in the wiring on your locking system.

How to program a keyless remote for a 2001 chevy camaro?

You can program a 2001 Chevrolet Camaro by locking then unlocking the door locks.

What is repair procedure for transmission locking up when stopping could it be the torque converter locking up?

yes torque converter is locking up just unplug the wire that goes into convter it will disconect overdive but it will run better imediently

The body control module does what on the 2001 buick regal?

The Body Control Module (BCM) contols the locking and unlocking of all doors in the car.

Why does my car jerk after changing gear and accelerating?

have your transmission checked sometimes torque converter clutch isn t locking or unlocking properly

How do you disable beep sound of locking and unlocking for Toyota?

Lift hood, remove annoying horn by twisting, or jerking erratically.....voila!! No more beeps!

Why won't exterior lights flash when locking and unlocking Lincoln continental mark viii?

Something wrong with your alarm system, like not working maybe.

What do anti lock braking systems prevent when used in an emergency stopping situation?

It prevents the tires from locking up.

How can you submit an answer for locking?

If an answer is being repeatedly vandalized please contact WikiAnswers @ (no spaces). Please include the exact wording of the question.

Unlock files in directory using dos commands?

Dos commands are used to create or delete directories. The ATTRIB Command is used for locking and unlocking of files.

How might you stop your 2000 Lincoln car doors from locking and unlocking even when the car is off?

Pull out the relay should be under the hood in the fues box

What do anti-lock braking system prevent when used in an emergency stopping situation?

It prevents the wheels from locking up.

Why are the dome light blinking on and off and the door locks keep locking and unlocking?

Is this condition only present when driving . If so it sounds like you have a faulty door switch .

Your son has a 97 Honda passport the alarm is going off and he tried locking the door and unlocking it twice and the alarm is still sounding?

Unplug your battery, then plug it back on

What is graph based protocol in DBMS?

g ProtocolTree locking protocol is used to employ exclusive lock and when the database is in the form of a tree of data items. Tree locking protocol is serializable.Advantages of Tree Locking ProtocolUnlocking of data item is earlier.Shorter waiting time, increase in concurrency.Disadvantages of Tree Locking ProtocolTransaction may have to unnecessary lock data items to access its child nodes.Huge number of locks and locking overhead.