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1994 Nissan 300zx with low compression in one cylinder what is the recommended repair?


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What's is the compression in the cylinders? I'm having the same problem right now in my 90. I'm getting 165 in 5 of the cylinders, and 150 in one. The local Z shop said it was no big deal, and that you can allow up to 14 or so psi difference (especially if the car is 20 years old). If it's more off than that, I would recommend you take it to a mechanic. I know it could be a lot of things, normal wear on cylinder walls, worn piston rings, or a head gasket, etc.


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No compression could mean a blown head gasket, cracked head or cylinder.

Start with removing the cylinder head to determine the cause of no compression. If it is a valve problem, have the head rebuilt. If it is a piston or piston ring problem, remove the engine for rebuilding or replacement.

For your own safety replace, do not repair

I suppose that the recommended solution is to send this cylinder to metal scrap.

"Chiltons Repair Manual" usually available at local library.

sounds like your engine needs a valve job worn piston rings would also cause low compression ,but not cause the backfireing

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No, quite the opposite- the idea of gaskets is to ensure that an engine gives HIGH compression. If your car has just had a cylinder head gasket change and you are STILL getting low compression, then this suggests that the problem lies with the cylinder head itself- it may be cracked. Unfortunately there's no effective repair for this, the only solution is to get a new cylinder head I'm afraid.

You don't repair compression rings you replace them.

It would largely depend on why #6 has no compression. It could be a minor repair or it could be a major repair. If it is a major repair and the engine has high mileage it would be wise to replace the engine only if the vehicle is worth saving.

refer to repair manual for proper specs, can be found at local library or bought at auto parts store

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go to and enter your 91 Nissan info,then look up starter,then to right off screen click on repair guide and it will show you.

go to,enter vehicle info.look up brake master cylinder,then to right of screen,click on repair guide and it will show and tell you how.

Where's the leak? Wheel cylinder, repair or replace, rusted line, replace, master cylinder, repair or replace.

get the cylinder bored or sleved

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I'm not sure of the exact values; they should be in your Haynes repair manual. However, if you compression test all of the cylinders and find one that is lower you have a compression problem with that cylinder. It is also possible to have 2 that are lower, this would most likely indicate a warp in the head between those two cylinders. Other causes for compression loss are damaged or gunked up valves that do not close all the way or a crack in the head.

Go to and enter your vehicle info, year ,make,model and engine size and register and look up alternator,then to the right click on repair guide ,if not on right ,then click on repair info at top and you will find,it will show and tell you how.

Brake cylinder repair is that wheel cylinder that holds the oil to keep your brakes running smooth on your back brakes. If you don't repair those you will mess up your rotors and your rims.

You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

you will have to remove the wheels/ rotor and hub assembly , buy a set of new axels from Nissan or after market auto parts and replace the old ones..not recommended unless you have knowledge on suspension work

The repair depends on what is causing the low compression. Low compression can be caused by a blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head, burnt or damaged valves, worn or cracked piston rings, scored block cylinders. It's kind of hard to imagine that an engine would have low compression on all 6 cylinders unless something major is wrong, or the compression gauge is not measuring properly.

If you 07 Nissan sentra and has manual transmission, you have a big link in your Slave cylinder inside of your transmission and it will burn your clutch and Nissan will charge you $1600.00 Dollars to repair even if fall in powertrain warranty. fyi, is a good car but Nissan sucks even I got video and pictures of this mess

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