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1994 dodge caravan and when its moving it doesnt overheat but when your stopped it starts to overheat and you notice the radiator fan does not come on is it the relay or?


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It may be the relay or it may be the fan. Take a multimeter out and see what kind of voltage you are ghtting at the fan connection versus the realy. If you are getting voltage TO the relay and NOT OUT when it should, it's the relay. If you are getting voltage TO the relay and OUT of the relay then I would say it's the fan. You can run a jumper wire from a powered source and see if the fan spins and this way you know the fan is working if it receives current.


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Probably it has either run out of coolant or the cooling fan is broken. Some large engine cars in really hot weather need a larger radiator fitted so it doesnt overheat....like driving a v8 around town in the summer in Spain for instance.

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just because the thermostat is new doesnt make it good your supposed to boil it in water to see if it opens and closes so it may be bad. if your car is low on oil it will overheat also or start the car and watch the radiator hose it it collapses then the hose is clogged and the water isn't flowing right which will cause it to overheat.

Sometimes air bubbles get in the radiator after lines or the radiator have been removed. Just run it with the radiator cap open, until the fluid starts circulating ( the temp gauge will drop to normal). You can also see the coolant fluid start moving inside the radiator which by the way is a little hard to see since it will be bubbling from running about ten minutes. Watch your temp gauge make sure you don't let it overheat for a very long time. Did you put it in backward? There really is a right and wrong way on those things. no, it wasnt put on backward.... ============================================================================= no, it wasnt put on backward....

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