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Copy The first 4 are related to a rich condition from the oxygen sensors. If they are reasonable in cost, fo all of them. Not uncommon to replace one and then have the other prove bad. The front sensor and the back sensor compare values. IF both have benn slowly going bad, there values would be comparable but not bad enough to fail. When one goes bad; out of spec, it will throw a code (s). It is replaced with a good one with a perfect value. When the new one with perfect value compares to the old one of poor value, the weak older one throws a flag for the computer to throw the check engine light again usually. IT may place a code but not throw the check engine light as well. The po300 is a random misfire code the is probably because the oxygen sensors are telling the computer false data about needing more fuel and the computer richens up the mixure enough to foul out plugs at various times. This will also cause poor fuel economy.

2006-07-23 12:26:13
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Kia Sportage Won't start when cold?

have u checked the coils i had the same problem after i changed mine the kia was fine

How many coils are in a queen mattress?

I counted when I found one at a garage sale for like, 15 bucks. There were.... 186 coils. I double checked.

How many Ignition Coils you need for Ford Expedition?

I am no mechanic but i just had my ignition coils changed on my ford expedition and there are 8 it was expensive to fix .

What would make a 2000 Millenia read codes of misfire and fuel trim the check engine light flashes and the car hesitates?

its most likely the air by pass valves and some coils that need to be changed.

Why would your 1992 corsica 6-cylinder be running rich and act like it was running on only 4-cyl you have checked coils and the ignition module and the ecm also put a code reader and no codes came up?

Check hard vacuum line to Map sensor, just below coils at back of intake manifold.

My 1989 jeep wrangler turns over but does not start and the coils have been replaced and the wiring has been checked.?

The timing or crankcase sensor needs to be checked and most likely replaced.

What is the remedy for icing inside intake coils?

Try changing your filter at least once a month, and have the charge checked.

Why are both your inside and outside AC coils freezing?

The filters are checked regularly. The motor is working fine. There is no switch to adjust speed. It only freezes after being on for a little while. Both the inside and outside coils freeze over. You aren't getting enough air across your evaporator coils inside the house. Have you checked the filter? Is the motor working properly? Can you switch the motor to a higher speed?

Should all ignition coils be changed at once?

No, only change the defective ones.

I changed my spark plugs on my Volvo 01 s6o and it is still misfiring Also changed coils and fuel injectors any suggestions?

vacum leak

1998 Pontiac sunfire will not start it does not get a spark and i changed the ignition coils and the module below it please help me get it started thanks?

Have you checked for a computer code? That vehicle should have either a crankshaft position sensor or a camshaft position sensor. Make sure it is working properly.

2001 Lincoln v8 ls hesitates at very high rpm's like it is starved for fuel I have changed the fuel filter 3 times in the past 6 months it is not a gas filter issue?

Have the ignition coils checked does it happen around 50 60 mph?

2003 Mazda BJ Astina that will not start No stored codes?

Finally solved the problem .... PCM failed and destroyed the coils ... also new coils so whentrying a known good PCM had no spark

Where is the ignition module for a 2000 alero?

The ignition module is right underneath the ignition coils. The ignition coils are what the spark plugs attach to. My alro was riding really rough so i just changed my coils and module for $200 and it runs like new. All you do is unplug the wires, unscrew the coils(6 bolts) and there is your module. :) Hope this helps!!

What wrong 1998 expendition 2 misfire 5.4?

The 5.4L engine uses a coil-on-plug system to create the spark for each individual cylinder. I have heard of an instance where both coils went bad at the same time on a V10 Ford Engine with the Coil-On-Plug system. One thing you can do is have your Trouble Codes scanned (Auto parts stores usually do it for free if you don't have a scanner of your own) and find out what cylinders are misfiring. Then, swap the coils of the two misfiring cylinders with two coils of cylinders that aren't misfiring. After this, have the codes checked again, and if the misfire trouble code jumps to the 2 cylinders that you moved the coils to, the coils are both bad. If the trouble code indicates that the original two cylinders are misfiring, then the problem is elsewhere... Your V8's Cylinder Arrangement is as follows: Firewall 4 - 8 3 - 7 2 - 6 1 - 5 Front of Engine

What causes obd2 codes 1399?

p1399 is manufacturer control ignition system or missfire, this code could be coils,plugwires, or plugs,

The toxic emitions warning light is staying on when the car is running any ideas how it can be fixed?

Get the carbon canister checked out I had same problem after get coils replaced on my clio

What could cause a 1994 Buick Lesabre not firing?

have u checked spark plug wires, ignition coils, timing,spark plugs or had it hooked to a reader?

What could cause your sonata to not start but it cranks --no fire in the coils?

I would say a badcam or crank sensor. if not scan system for codes

Where is the ignition module in a 1992 cutlass supreme 3.1 liter?

On the front of the engine under the two ignition coils, follow the plug wires and under the coils is the ignition module. Changed mine twice . Works better now.

How do you repair Nissan trouble -code p1320?

P1320 is a trouble code relating to the coils. Also checked grounding straps to the engine. If the scan tools show a cylinder. you can swap coils with another cyl.,clear the code and see if the fault moves with the coil to determine which one is bad.

How do the coils in a compression compare to the coils in a rarefaction?


How do you raise front coils?

Change coils.

Does a 2000 suzuki esteem 1.8 have 4 coils?

Two coils two spark plugs are under the coils and the other two are next to the coils

What cause Ford expedition cylinder misfire?

Plugs or / and Coil Packs. Auto Zone will check your codes for free and will tell you which plugs or coils are bad. Then replace.