1994 geo tracker wont run 15amp fuse marked f1 blows when key is turned on is this a bad fuel pump?

Hi, Not necessarilly. It could be either your main relay or your fuel pump relay.I would check either one of these before you go and pull your fuel pump. You may have a mechanical fuel pump. Do you have a carbuerated engine or fuel injected? Probably fuel injected which puts the pump in the tank not a good job. Up in the air a bit but those are my best. Steve H. quick fix, on left kick panel wiring harness goes into body. the wires go to rear of vehicle. find the pink wire w/black stripe. install inline blade fuse holder and piggyback to ignition wire (power on) coming out of steering colum white wire w/green stripe. this will turn on fuel pump when key is in on pos. i changed relays to no avail unplugged all wire connectors under the dash and found no burn outs etc. this worked for me. jp