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its called your heater core No it is called your heater control valve

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What is a radiator hose?

It is a flexible conduit for the coolant to flow between the engine and the radiator.

Where is the radiator reservoir on the Toyota Echo 2000?

Look to the right of the radiator cap, which is at the top of the radiator. You can't miss it. It has a "low" and a "full" line on it and your coolant level should always be between those lines.

What is an overflow tank in a vehicle for?

It has a tube between itself and the radiator. As coolant heats up, it expands. The expanding coolant goes through the tube into the overflow tank. Later, when the vehicle is shut off and the radiator cools, the overflow is pulled back into the radiator. The system is "closed", hence the coolant does not just "dribble away" when it expands like it did in vehicles many years ago.

Where is the air conditioning fan on a 2001 astra?

Bolted to the normal coolant radiator. (in between the rad and the front bumper)

To bleed trapped air from the car's cabin heater system?

Be sure the coolant reservoir is full. Be sure the hose and hose connections between the reservoir and radiator are good and tight and the radiator cap is good. Be sure that the rest of the coolant system is in good shape (no radiator leaks, no leaks anywhere) and the system will bleed itself in time.

Where is the coolant temp sensor on new beetle?

2000 Volkswagen Beetle L4-1781cc 1.8LFig. 2 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensorThe engine coolant temperature sensor is installed in the coolant return (arrow), located between the cylinder head and the radiator

What is low radiator symbol on 2002 cougar?

The check coolant light ( if equipped ) is located between the engine temperature gauge and the tachometer near the bottom . It comes on when the engine coolant reservoir is too low and looks like a box with a radiator on top and has an " X " shaped fan in the box

Why is my low coolant light flashing in my 1994 cutlass supreme s?

It could be low on coolant. It could have air in the cooling system and needs to be burped. It could be a fault low coolant switch or the associated wiring. There are 2 coolant locations. 1) there is an expansion tank (white plastic) connected to the radiator filler neck via a hose. 2) There is the radiator itself. Check the radiator by opening the radiator cap when the engine is cold. (no pressure in cooling system. ) Visually examine level or coolant -- should be at or near radiator cap neck. 3) on a '96 the coolant sensor is located on the left side of the radiator about 6 inches down from the top. A stop leak additive or debris in cooling system will fake out the sensor causing the light to flash. Solid on, coolant may actually be low in the radiator and the cooling system will need to be bled of trapped air. On the '96 there are 2 locations to bled with brass plug/screw. One in the pipe sending coolant across the front part of the engine. The second is a plug in the intake manifold on the right, topside. If the hose between the coolant recovery tank and the radiator leaks, then air will get into the system. Also if water pump seal fails, same problem.

What is the different between water jacket and radiator?

Water jackets are the hollowed out spaces in the engine block and head through which the coolant flows. In water jackets, waste heat generated by the engine is picked up by the coolant. After flowing through the water jackets, water flows through the radiator. The radiator is basically a heat exchanger which, through a system of tubes and fins, transfers this waste heat from the coolant to the atmosphere. After the water is cooled in the radiator, it flows back into the water jackets of the engine to pick up more waste heat.

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1993 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder?

my 1993 Toyota Camry radiator had a hole in it it was overheating. I replaced the radiator. The car is still overheating where is the thermostat located. First, drain your coolant from the radiator. Find your lower radiator hose and follow it to the metal housing. This is the thermostat housing. Remove the 2 nuts with a 10mm wrench. Remove the thermostat and replace with new one and new gasket. Re-install and re-fill your radiator with new coolant. Drive the car with heater running. Allow the engine to cool and top off the radiator. Add coolant to the reservoir to halfway between Full and Low.

Where is the switch that turns on radiator fans on 1995 Chrysler new yorker?

The engine computer uses the coolant temperature sensor and the air conditioning pressure transducer to decide when to operate the radiator fan. The coolant temperature sensor is located near the thermostat housing on top of the engine. The ac transducer is on the line between the compressor and condenser.The engine computer uses the coolant temperature sensor and the air conditioning pressure transducer to decide when to operate the radiator fan. The coolant temperature sensor is located near the thermostat housing on top of the engine. The ac transducer is on the line between the compressor and condenser.

Where is the the inlet air temperature sensor or coolant temp sensor on a Toyota celica 2002 the manual has no answers?

inlet air temp should be between the throtle and air filter box on the air intake hose coolant temp should be close to were the upper radiator hose connects to engine there maybe 2 coolant sensors one for computer one for radiator cooling .

Your Gmc Seirra has red fluid in the radiator what could it be?

Your anti-freeze is a Dex-cool anti-freeze. It is not compatiable with the green kind. It is a long life coolant which can last up to 100,000 miles. If you have to top off, do not add water as this coolant comes pre-mixed. Is there red fluid on top of normal coolant? If so you have a leak between you radiator and auto tranny cooler.

Where is the coolant reservoir on a Polaris Magnum 325?

It is located between the top front of the engine & the radiator. You have to remove the front rack & plastic shroud to access.

How does a car radiator cool the engine?

The basic rule of thermodynamics is that heat goes from where it's hot to where it's not. The coolant in a vehicle takes (draws or sinks) heat from the engine, and this heats the coolant. The hot coolant carries off the heat, and then flows through the radiator. Air passing the elements of the radiator, because it is cooler, takes (again, draws or sinks) heat from the radiator's fins, which transfer the heat of the coolant out. The hot coolant loses heat energy as it flows through the radiator, and heat from that coolant is passing through the metal radiator elements into the air flowing past. The radiator sets up a relatively large surface area to that passing air so that "a lot" of heat transfer can take place. There is what is called a thermal gradient across the elements in the radiator. Hot coolant inside and relatively cool air outside those elements set the ends of the gradient. Heat goes from where it is hot, the coolant, to where is it not, the air. If you guessed that there must also be a thermal gradient across the metal of the engine between the combustion chambers and the coolant chanels in the block and head, you'd be right. That thermal gradient drives heat out of the cylinder walls and head into the coolant in the coolant channels. It's just that simple. Remember that any time a temperature differetial exists, a thermal gradient exists. A thermal gradient is the "force" of heat transfer in the science of thermodynamics. Easy as pie.

Why does 2000 Chevy Venture check coolant level message flash when level is OK?

If you are checking the coolant level at the overflow bottle, it may look normal (between the low & high marks). But the coolant level sensor is mounted on the passenger side of the radiator, down several inches from the top. In other words, you need to check the coolant level AT the radiator cap, but only when the engine is COLD. If it is OK at that point and the overflow bottle, then the coolant level sensor most likely needs to be replaced.

Why does a 305 engine always over heat the coolant is NOT leaking?

It could be thermostat, radiator or water pump.AnswerBad or no thermostat, bad water pump, plugged radiator, plugged water jacket, loose fan belt, bad clutch fan, radiator too small for application. Also try bleeding the coolant system of the coolant fan electric or manual?What make and model vehicle is this 305 in?if its a 3rd gen firebird or camaro, check for blockage between the condenser and radiator[air blockage] leaves and junk get trapped in between the two pieces. flush out with water hose or air pressure. good luckAddition:I had a 305 that had a thermostat stuck completely open, it overheated because the coolant went through the radiator so fast it didnt get cooled off. For like $20 its a good first step.

Where is the coolant reservoir for a 2002 dodge Dakota?

For the 98 it is right behind the front bumper between the driver side headlight and the radiator. Sorry if this doesn't help.

Where can you find the radiator cap on a 2005 Chevy Equinox?

The radiator cap is on top of the engine coolant reservoir in the front of the Equinox, under the hood. The reservoir is located on the right side of the engine, halfway between the bumper and the edge of the windshield.

What are the signs of a bad head gasket?

Almost always there will be oil present in the coolant ( look for white milky appearance in radiator) or will be coolant present in oil. (pull oil dipstick & look for milky appearance also) you can also take off radiator cap & you can see air bubbles surfacing from coolant. Finally a compression check of all cylinders will show inconsistency between any adjacent cylinders.

What does this module cost radiator fan module?

The module on a radiator fan typically costs between $50 and $100 depending on the model. It is designed to update the vehicle's computer with real time information on the coolant temperature and turn the fan on as needed.

What does the red warning light that looks like a square with waves in it and an arrow in it pointing down in a 1999 Oldsmobile intrigue stand for?

Most likely that light is a low coolant warning light. Check the coolant lvls in the radiator and coolant resevour when the car is cold( has not been run for a few hours). The coolant in the radiator should be very close the the top and the resevour should be somewhere between the cold and hot marks. Do not make these checks when the car is hot as you could be burned badly.

Why does a 1999 Saturn heats up to half way on temperature gauge then cools off to quarter when parked idling?

The 1999 Saturn S-Series engine heats up the coolant, the thermostat valve opens and the coolant circulates between the radiator and the engine. Then the radiator fans turn on to cool it back down. The fans are also turned on when the air conditioner is turned on to aid in cooling the radiator and the air conditioner condensor.

How does a head gasket blow?

the head gasket blown only the reason of generating high temparature between cylynder head to and head of that coolant level low,and radiator cap vaccum valve broken,or any coolant hose leaking.

Do you have to drain the coolant to replace the thermostat?

You will have to drain part of the coolant. Try to drain as little as possible and fill up before restarting the engine. No, the thermostat is usually at the top of the engine block (placed between the top input hose and the block). If, however, the radiator is full of coolant, there will be some spillage. Also, make sure the coolant has cooled down before replacement, and do periodically replace the coolant as needed.