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Check out the coolant temperature sensor. It could be sending out range signals to the computer. If it is sending a coolant too hot signal the engine will not start.

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What does it mean when battery light comes on for a 2002 ford windstar?

alternator is not charging battery, or loose - corroded connection on battery cables

You've just replaced the battery and alternator in a 1998 Ford Escort. Do you need to let it sit for the battery to charge or is there more to it?

If you replaced the battery with a brand new one, then no. The battery comes from the store with a fuul charge. If it didn't come charged up, then you have bought a defective battery.

The engine light on my 2001 windstar stays on the mechanics have replaced what the instrument states should be replaced However the light goes out for about a week then comes back on?

I would suggest a second opinion...Try another mechanic.

Battery goes dead on 2003 ford sport windstar?

Ok i have replaced the battery and two alternators and replaceds the rear hatch light switch. still when i connect a light between the negitive battery post light comes on. Power continues to drain the battery over 4 days its dead. Why is it still draining? If you have checked every single light on the vehicle and none of them are on draining the battery it is more than likely a relay that is stuck. Check every relay in the vehicle.

What does it mean when your call stalls and the battery light comes on the car is a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero?

Most cases the battery light comes on because the alternator isn't charging. The alternator may need replaced as well as the battery. It may be something more simple as a poor connection.

Mazda mx3 1994 4 cylinder your battery light is coming on along with engine electrical light sometimes you replaced the battery and the battery light still comes on sometimes along with the engine ele?


Weres the battery on a dodge stratus 1999?

I just replaced the battery on my 2004 and it was located in the drivers side wheel well. You need to remove the left front tire and there is a panel that comes off to expose the battery.

What does it mean when the battery light comes on in a 2001 Honda Accord when you already replaced the alternator?

It means something is wrong with your charging system. Can be a loose of corroded battery cable, defective alternator or a battery with a dead short.

What does it mean when the battery light comes on in a 2002 ford focus?

Bad Alternator or the Battery possibly is losing voltage. I replaced the alternator and serpentine belt before thinking it was the battery. The battery was only 16 months old. But it turned out to be the bad source.

What could be wrong if you have replaced your battery alternator belt alternator and alternator wiring harness on your 1999 Intrigue and your battery light STILL comes on?

you have a short where negative is touching the metal of the car or it is grounded inproperly

Egr problems on 94 olds ciera My mechanic has replaced the egr. Checked all connections except cleaning the plenum. After all these checks the light still comes on. Any suggestions?

disconnect battery cables for minutes then reconnect them, this should reset signal in computer if problem has been fixed

How do you reset your radio in a 2005 Honda Civic after the battery was replaced?

The 2005 comes with a five digit (all numbers) code. After the battery is replaced, turn on the radio. The radio should show "Code." Simply punch in the five numbers on the turning buttons and the radio will immediately start working.

What does it meant when the battery light comes on in a 1995 Ford Contour GL and everything goes dead after driving it for about 10 minutes?

the battery is dead and needs to be charged or replaced, or it could also be the alternator is going bad

89 Camry V4 and every time you press the gas to get more acceleration your headlights will get brighter and the engine battery and door light comes on in your car what can be the problem?

Sounds like your alternator and battery need to be replaced soon.

2005 Ford Escape what does it mean when the battery symbol comes on off randomly?

Be sure what you are looking at is the battery symbol, it may be the windshield washer fluid level indicator. I replaced the battery and the light kept coming on; then I looked in the manual and the indicator was washer fluid low.

1995 subaru legacy outback Why is brake-battery light on just replaced battery and alternator but brake-battery light still on goes off when car is idle but comes on when you press gas pedal?

Put some brake fluid in the master cylinder.

What is Next you have replaced all copmonents of your charging system in your 1995 Dodge Caravan but still your battery light comes on?

Bad or dirty engine to body or battery to body earth wire (my choice). Or faulty battery lamp wiring. Clean all ground wires that you can find.

How come the battery light comes on and stays on on my 98 Chevy Malibu i just replaced the starter now the light wont go off it comes on after about 30 secs of running?

battery light on means system is not charging,usually a defective alternator.go to advanced auto or auto zone they will diag it for free.

How many charges does the MacBook Pro have?

According to Apple, you should be able to get around 1000 battery cycles out of your Macbook Pro before the battery will need to be replaced. This comes down to 5 years of normal battery usage. However, over time, the battery's capacity will significantly diminish.

I replaced new battery on 2002 ford excursion xlt battery light comes on bright red then dims then comes back on again?

most likely its your alternator that's not charging your battery like it should causing it to turn on and off. A good way to check that is by going to your local auto zone and asking them to check your alternator to see if it creating a high enough charge.

Where does the chemical energy in a battery come from?

The chemical energy in a battery comes from inside the battery

John Deere Tractor not starting even after the battery was replaced any ideas?

See if you're getting power to the small wire at the starter in the start position. If not you have an issue in the safety switch circuit. it comes from the key generally. How are the battery cables?

Your radio and wiper washers dont on a s registration corsa work after the battery was replaced why?

you might have to put in a special code into the radios head unit. it generally comes with the car manual. that could be all it is..when the battery is disconnected that's what you should do...

When you restart your computer the error message cmos setting wrong and cmos cheksum bad comes up?

Chances are that the CMOS Battery on the motherboard is dead and needs to be replaced. Without this battery, the computer can not remember the CMOS settings when the power is turned off.

What is wrong with a 1999 ford escort when its power steering goes out and the battery light comes onand you just replaced the coolant today?

Belt slipping Did coolant get on belt during replacement?

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