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1995 Mercury Mystique Engine turns over but won't run Any ideas on what to check?

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Remove the hose or housing at the throttle body. Depress the butterfly valve to open it. Spray s short blast of carburetor or throttlebody cleaner then try starting the car. If it fires you are not getting fuel and 99% chance you need to replace the fuel pump. You may also be able to hear the fuel pump turn on when you turn the key one position to the on - not two positions to the start position. if you don't hear any noise it may also mean a bad fuel pump.

Does the engine turn over faster than normal? If it does, you threw your timing belt, not a big problem really since they designed the over head cam engines to fall into safe mode which collapses all of the valves to avoid damage.

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2000 Mercury Cougar while driving to work the check engine light came on come home from work car just cut off like there wasn't any gas but there was a half a tank Do you have any ideas?

Fuel pump or it could be your fuel filter

1991 Isuzu and replaced the head gasket engine runs for one revolution then stops any Ideas?

check your timing

What do i check when my jeep has a horibble idle and the check engine light comes on for a day or two then goes off for a week then comes back on and so forth it never blinks any ideas?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

454 won't start getting fuel any ideas?

check small things like spark plugs and stuff like that but if your not getting gas to go to the engine than check out the fuel pump.


Check the throttle linkage. I once saw a dragonfly that had been caught in the linkage, making the engine race like that. Start with the easy stuff first.

The power door locks on a 2000 mercury cougar are not working and the fuse keeps blowing any ideas?

You have a wire shorting somewhere. First place I'd check is where they run from the frame into the door.

Your 1996 Nissan pickup 2.4 l check engine light on code po400 egr valve holds vacuum replaced split vacuum hose and reset check engine light check engine light came back on any ideas?

Try removing the valve and blowing air through both passages. If one feels restricted as though from carbon buildup you should clean it out.

Check light has come on and cars idles just over 1000rpm any ideas what may be causing it?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

1989 ford f150 4x4 check engine light light on for 1-2 min when starting cold and rpm's low. never on when warm any ideas?

its normal for the ck engine light to be on during this time as it is running it engine cks

Your 1992 Jeep is stalling when you downshifting 315000 on the engine any ideas?

check the fuel filter, if no luck try the mass air flow sencor. hope this helps

1991 Lincoln Cont Brakes failed and engine revd up very fast Any ideas Thanks?

check the power brake vacuum hose for a crack or break

Why Ford Transit 2005 2.4 tddi has misfire on number 4 pot injector been teted and told its ok any ideas cheers?

check your engine compressions

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Have changed your 1995 ford ef engine and now it wont start any ideas?

I'd first check all major power connection and grounds. Check the power and ground on the starter. If the car is cranking just not turning over check timing. The distributor could be 180* out.

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When your corrado g60 has no spark you replaced the distributor cap checked fuses and all connections any ideas?

Check the hall sender on the distributor, you can check at the coil connector using a led, it should flash when cranking the engine. After that it is most likely the coil.

My misubishi 3000 gt engine light comes on and engine dies and won't restart just cranks any ideas what is causing this?

If the engine light is coming on at the same time as it the engine dies and I am guessing it starts again. It may be your electric fuel pump. You left too little information about the sympton as it could be a number of things. The check engine light will come on if the engine dies. it could be your o2 sensor

97 Chevy Camaro Tach bouncing up and down and running rough No check engine light coming on any Ideas anyone?

defective battery cable or needs tune up

You have a 2000 Daewoo Lanos with auto trans shifting problem after warming up to operating temp have frequently changed filter and oil no metal in trans don't think trans is problem any ideas?

Do you have a check engine light. I have had problems with my 01 Lanos and the check engine light came on and it was the oxygen sensor so that may be your problem

96 merc marq gs check engine lite on - traded out eec and pcm - no luck - no power at obd II port under dash to extract codes - any ideas?

Check fuses and wiring and connections.

Check engine light is on in 98 rodeo just had re-man motor put in it 2 days ago any ideas?

Check all engine grounds ,make shure all are connected, remove batt cables for 30 seconds to reset codes on computer ,rehook cables and crank engine, check to see if check engine light comes on again, if so check all pigtails in wireing harness for bad connections, or broken wires, the use of an ohms meter is great for testing broken wires, if unsucessful take to autozone have obd connector scanned for free, replace part called for, start over by resetting codes,

Chevy Cavalier 2000 has check engine light and everyone is telling you to check your gas cap or it could be a problem with your emissions system with the canister any ideas what this could be?

Use a code reader to check the engine diagnostic code using an OBDII code reader. If it's the gas cap you may need to replace the cap then reset the diagnostic codes by following the method described in the owners manual.

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My husband did a do it yourself oil change on my escort now it makes a loud grinding noise and there is smoke coming from under the hood to the right of the engine any ideas?

divorce him & marry a mechanic Failing that, check the engine oil. If it's way overfull, he drained the tranny.

What would cause my 1988 GMC Suburban 4x4 to run rough and service engine light on?

Sounds like you need a tune up. New spark plugs, air filter, oil change. Check your distributor cap and rotor. Might even need a new MAF sensor for the check engine light. Get a manual and go through these ideas.