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I had a similar problem related to the heat being stuck on. Yes there is a mixing valve under the hood on the passenger side that is vacuum operated. Have someone watch the control arm. Have them notice while you are operating the control switch(heat/cool control) for AC, MAX AC, VENT,BI LEVEL,ETC.Yes the engine must be running during this operation. This switch control has not only electric control, but also vacuum control. In my case the heat mixing valve only closed when MAX AC was selected. Also take note that the same vacuum signal operates a return/outdoor air door located behind the glove box. In this case of no heat it may be likely that the vacuum signal is there all the time to the mixing valve thus holding it shut, or the heater core may have blockage in it. For this a service manual will better explain replacement, along with photos. To replace this control is very easy. Just below the stereo are two 7mm. screws. Remove them and gently pull the bezel toward you. Keep in mind that you'll need to unplug the cigarette lighter, 12V. socket, stereo, and antenna. Then remove 4 more 7mm screws holding the temp control panel. There will be one 1/4" screw holding the comfort control and the heat/cool control. Wiggle the control from the temp control panel. CAREFULLY disconnect the vacuum and electrical connections. Reverse the proceedure for installation.

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Q: 1995 Ranger 30 No heat coming out Is there a mixing valve or door not working Any hints?
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