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Intake manifold may have moved when being tightened down causing intake gasket to move and not seal. There are water passages in it . I pulled the head and the gasket had moved, replaced the gasket and this time used permaseal this fixed the leak.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-06 15:33:52
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Q: 1995 S-10 2.2 replaced cracked head new gaskets thermostat hoses everything torqued properly what can be causing water to leak from back of motor?
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Your Mazda MPV 1993 6cyl is overheating you replaced the thermostat and it is still overheating What can be causing the problem?

are the cooling fans coming on

When coolant coming out of 1999 alero from overflow and leaking water pump replaced water pump but still comes out of overflow could it be thermostat?

Could be thermostat not opening causing a back pressure

Does the thermostat affect gas mileage?

Yes. Your engine will get the best mileage at full operating temperature. If the thermostat is removed or not working properly causing the engine to become too hot or not hot enough it will affect the operating efficiency or your engine which will decrease your gas mileage.

When you Replaced the thermostat in 98 deville with a 4.6 and it still overheats any suggestions?

theyre maybe an air bubble in the block causing it to overheat,or it could also be a bad water pump

What happens when thermostat does not open?

en the thermostat doesn't open it cant let the fluids flow into your engine causing it to overheat.

Why would a 1998 Chrysler town and country heater blow cold?

You might check the thermostat. It probably needs replaced. Often times the thermostat will either be stuck in the closed position, causing it to overheat, or in the wide open position causing the heater to blow cold. This is what happened to me. I took the thermostat out and the end was broken off. This made the spring release and be stuck in the wide open position. We were driving over a snowy pass at around 10 pm. NOT a fun trip.

When you fill your radiator and start the engine all the water is being pushed into the reserve bottle what causes this?

Its your thermostat that needs to be replaced, its stuck closed not letting the coolent ciculate causing it to over heat and spue water out the reserve

When an automobile is not properly in tune it will not burn the fuel properly causing what to build up on the engine?


Can the timing belt on your Camry be causing it to overheat?

No, but faulty water pump or thermostat can.

Why is your manifold glowing red you have replaced the whole exhaust system and the o2 sensor?

Your valve timing is off The o2 sensor is not reading properly causing the system to go very lean.

Why does a 1997 cadillac deville d'elegance engine overheat.The head thermostat and water pump have been replaced.?

If the car is still overheating, there may be a clog in the radiator itself. Another possibility is the new water pump sucked sediment in from the radiator, causing it to have a malfunction. Lastly, the radiator fluid may be low or too old to properly cool the engine. Make sure the radiator fan is working.

Will a bad thermostat cause a car to lose acceleration?

By itself, the thermostat would have to be stuck closed causing a severe overheat condition to cause a loss of power.

What could be causing your 200 BMW 528i to overheat?

There are a few things that could be causing your 200 BMW 528i to overheat. You may not have the correct mixture of coolant in the vehicle. The problem could also be your thermostat. Have the thermostat checked out to ensure that it is working as it should.

You'v replaced your thermostat and radiator on your 1983 cutlass and its still overheating what is causing it to still overheat could it be the water pump?

i would have replaced water pump long before replacing radiator. also check engine oil to see if it has engine coolant mixed in.if it has then the problem is more likely to be a bad head gasket

Does engine overfill cause thermostat housing to break?

no. but tightening wrong or the lip of the thermostat trapped under the housing causing un even pressure on housing sure will.

What does it mean when temperature gage moves but not running hot?

Most likely the thermostat spring is weak, or the thermostat is sticking, causing the thermostat to open too early and stay open too long. This will cause water to circulate to the radiator, causing the temperature of the cooling water to fall below the target temperature, and so the temp guage falls. then eventually the thermostat closes some, and the temp starts to rise again (and so on)

Your truck idles fine but as soon as you hit the throttle it floods it self out what would cause this?

Have you tried replacing the o2 sensor? Perhaps the thermostat as well. My 94 has 94000 miles. My O2 sensor was bad causing the engine to run too lean......sounded like it was choking itself out. Also, my thermostat needed replaced and that too helped it run better.

What could be causing a car to overheat when driving but not while sitting idle The radiator cap and thermostat have all been replaced and you have no known system leaks But you still have a problem?

Clogged radiator, bad water pump, defective fan or fan thermal relay.

What would be causing a scrubbing noise in rear brakes when you already replaced brake pads in a 96 grand jeep Cherokee Laredo?

The brake pads might not be adjusted properly. The brake pads can be too tight and have contact with the rotors.

Can a 1998 Ford Contour run without a thermostat?

Yes, it can, but it won't be running properly. Modern engines are tightly controlled by the computer that governs fuel flow. To do this, it senses a number of different things, and among them is the coolant temperature. If the temperature of the coolant is not being properly controlled by a thermostat, the computer will get readings that will cause it to deliver an incorrect fuel-air mixture to the engine, causing poor fuel mileage, excessive emissions, and poor overall operation. I strongly recommend that, if you are having cooling system problems, that you take your car to a good shop to have it diagnosed and properly repaired.

You replaced the thermostat on your 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera It is still overheating Any ideas?

I'm assuming you have the correct thermostat, but you should always double check. Some other things that may or may not be causing the problem could be: Your radiatior is clogged and the antifreeze isn't circulating properly. You may not have enough antifreeze in your radiator. You may not be getting enough airflow through your grille to the radiator. Your electric cooling fans may not be working properly. Your radiator cap isn't maintaining proper pressure. Your ignition timing could be off, but it believe it's computer controlled on your vehicle, so that shouldn't be it. Hope this helps! Good luck, and don't get frusterated, you'll be able to find it.

I replaced the engine in 2002 cougar now the air conditioner doesnt work and the car overheats the dealer said its not the thermostat the radiator or the head gasket what is it?

The ac may have been discharged during the swap causing it not to work. Also make sure all the electrical plug in connections are clean and properly plugged in including the ac compressor, all engine sensors and radiator cooling fans and relays. Double check the fuses also.

Why is it Overheating change thermostat and hoses What is problem?

Your radiator might have a small pinhole in it, causing it to not build up pressure.

What is the name of the sensor that screws into the thermostat housing for a 1991 Honda accord ex?

The sensor on the thermostat housing is a cooling fan switch. Cooling fan switch closes the circuit to engage the cooling fan(s) when the optimum temperature is reached. When not replaced, cooling system fans will either remain continually "on" or not function causing the engine to overheat, internal engine damage and/or temperature light illumination.