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you need to readjust your timing chesk the advancement or retardation of the degrees on your harmonic balancer the may be of even by one degree

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What does George have sticking out of his ear after losing it in the Deathly Hollows?

A Toothbrush

Does sticking your penis into the vagina count as losing your virginity?

yes it does because it is sexual intercourse.

What does losing sense of time mean?

To be captivated so much that you oblivious to the passing of time.

Is dodge losing the cummins diesel?

No, they just need to keep passing emission standards to be sold.

When will you start losing weight on the Atkins diet?

You will start losing weight within the first couple days if you are sticking to the Atkins diet. This severely restricts carbohydrates so you start to lose weight.

Can you drive a snow blowing tractor to work after losing your license to drinking and driving?


Why do your car jumps or skips while you are driving?

My Chevrolet blazer automatic will jump or skip while driving and start losing power/speed.

Why am I losing coolant in the reservoir while driving?

could have a crack in it that is leaking under pressure

Your corsa is losing power while driving?

A dirty fuel filter is one possibility.

What is a sincope?

SINCOPE (pronounced sin'-co-pee) is the medical term for passing out or losing consciousness for a brief time. <<<ADR>>>

What does giving the axe mean?

This is a metaphorical way of saying that someone is being fired, or losing his or her job. I am giving Johnson the axe, means I am firing him.

Why is your 89 jeep 4.0 losing power after driving awhile?

A plugged catalytic converter could be the culprit.

Would losing all transmission fluid in a 1997 Hyundai Elantra stop the car from driving?


Why do car engine go off and on when driving?

its not turning off and on its just losing and gaining rpm`s

What danger will the driver tackle when driving on an icy road?

Mainly skidding on the ice, so losing control.

What are the penalties for driving on a revoked license in Massachussett?

The penalties for driving on a revoked license in Massachusetts include losing your license for up to one year as well as fines of about $500.

What is the medical term meaning passed out?

Losing consciousness"Syncope" is the correct medical term for passing out or blacking out, meaning a temporary loss of consciousness

What causes a car to stop while driving?

the brakeMoreAlso losing all transmission fluid will cause your car to stop while driving.So will crashing into something.

What does it mean if you keep losing gas?

This means your car is working. Driving burns gas, and it disappears from the gas tank.

Can the court mandate you to take defensive driving classes?

Yes, they can. Typically you have to be at risk for losing your license before they mandate that.

Why could 1996 Grand Am be losing power steering fluid and making several noises when driving?

you need to locate the leak.

What made unemployment go up during The Great Depression?

Because people started losing money and companies started firing people due to the money loss.

What are action verbs for basketball?

Here are some: dribbling shooting sprinting winning losing dunking cheering breathing screaming passing rebounding HOPE THESE HELP YOU! :)

You are losing compression threw your carb on 5hp Briggs do you have valve sticking?

Valve sticking, Burnt or broken valve, or bad valve seat could all be the problem. Be sure to check leakdown compression at 15-20 degrees PAST top dead center! Compression release is still engaged at TDC!

What is cultural discontinuity?

The loss of certain cultural behaviors such as language, religion or music. This can result from a number of things but is normally the result of individuals within a minority practicing the ways of a majority culture and hence losing the old culture by not passing iton to later generations. Globalization is the major device driving cultural discontinuity. Hope that helped

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