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1995 buick riviera v-6 3800 supercharged radiator fan not working .only works when hooked up to a 12 v wire. is there a fuse or a relay for the radiator cooling fan?


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February 10, 2009 9:33PM

There are three relays, all under the hood, that control the cooling fans.. No 1 is on the firewall. As you're looking at it,under the cruise control box, there will be three relays hung on a rail. The fan relay should be on the far left. This is the lowspeed fan relay and controls the drivers side fan. If it is bad, neither fan will work at all. Unclip it off the rail, spread the clips that hold the relay to the housing and pull it out. They're about $12 or $13. There are two more fan relays and one 60 amp fan fuse, in the underhood relay center. It's a black box on the passengers side of the engine compartment, tucked up in the corner between the engine mount and the wheelwell. The cover is flat and about 4" x 4". Remove the top, it has tabs on the front and back, and expose the rlays and fuses. There are two identical relays in the center of the box. The right one ('B') is the high speed relay. The left one ('A') is the right fan relay. They're identical and interchangeable. The 60amp fuse for the fan system is in the same relay center on the row of fuses toward the front of the car. The far left fuse is a GREEN 60 amp fuse. Change it also.