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Hmmm...i would suggest checking the waste-gate. its the tuna-can looking thing hanging off the turbo. it could be stuck open.

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A sentence with presume in it?

To presume something is to have the opinion that it will probably happen. An example of a sentence using the word "presume" would be: I haven't spoken to her yet, but I presume that she would want to attend the party.

What do you do when you buy something?

You make a purchase. I would presume that you use it?

What is puboccygeus?

something nasty that happens to your pubes i presume, but that's just me

What does lusterous mean?

I presume it means something shining or with a nature of brightness.

What divided by something in the one hundreds is 27?

108/4=27, I presume that is what you were asking for

Why do you hear ticking coming from your ignition?

i can only presume is lack of engine oil or adjustment on tappets( pls be more detailed)or diesel engine it being a injector blowing

What part of speech is the word presume?

I presume that the word "presume" is a verb.

How do you use the word persume in a sentence?

I presume that you were talking about Presume. Not persume , as it is incorrect.

What is the antonym of assume?

The opposite of assume (to take on) would be to decline or refuse. The opposite of assume (have unsupported belief, or assumption) could be "presume" because presume implies that there is reason to believe something.

What is hypethezing?

I presume you meant Hypothesizing which means to make a hypothesis or Putting (something) forward as a hypothesis.

A sentence for presume?

Even though she knew him well, she did not want to presume how he felt about the situation. Presume is a verb.

What is a sentence with presume?

Presume to judge the quality of the next generation.

What is a sentence using the word presume?

I presume that you are asking the question of anyone who will answer. A servant would not presume to question the decisions of his employer.

How do you use presume in a sentence?

(the classic jungle introduction) "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" Many people presume the desert to be lifeless, when it is not. I would never presume to know the motivations of another individual.

How do you use the word presume in a sentence?

"Doctor Livingstone, I presume?" It is arrogance to presume that you know more than anyone else. I would not presume to speak for the entire faculty. Many people mistakenly presume that the asteroids are close together in the Main Belt.

What is a sentence for presume?

Even though she knew him well, she was careful not to presume what he was thinking. He didn't want to presume he knew what would happen next.

What is the noun of presume?

The noun forms of the verb to presume are presumption and the gerund, presuming.

What does presume mean?

Presume is a concept of believing something but without proof. It can also mean an unwarranted assumption or liberty (adjective presumptuous).The law presumes a person to be innocent until proven guilty.Mary presumed that Mike took her car, but only because John said so.How can you presume to speak for me?a big place were people talk and walk

What can combine with punnet squares?

I presume you mean what are Punnet squares used for. They are diagrams which help us show the possible combinations of alleles in the offspring of two individuals.

How do they shoot a human canonball without him blowing up in pieces?

In the cannon I've seen, and I would presume they are all the same, the person is propelled from the barrel by a spring loaded platform. The boom that you hear is just a sound effect.

How do you say Good morning beautiful. How was your sleep in Shakespearean?

Something along the lines of "Thy night was quaint? I do presume, fair maiden."

Are wonka nerds rope is halal?

That's one for the imam. (I presume a "wonka nerds' rope" is something edible, like a licorice stick.)

What is the abstract noun of presume?

The abstract noun forms for the verb to presume are presumption and the gerund, presuming.

Can you collect unemployment if you get verbally fired?

In most countries the authorities will require something in writing. In Ireland they will contact the employer to verify that the claimant's employment has actually ceased. I presume other countries do something similar.

How do you get the district seals on the hunger games adventures?

Im not completely sure but the district 4 seal suddenly popped from my pond when i "fished", so i presume they can be found after doing something that has something to do with their district's proficiency