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they mount to an extension that can be removed by 2 bolts

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Q: 1995 ranger 23L do the lower radiator hose and the heater core hose connect to the water pump or is there an extension that comes off of the water pump that they both connect to?
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Why your ford ranger leaks coolant under dash board?

Sounds like you have a loose or damaged hose to your heater or perhaps the heater radiator is damaged.

Where is the heater core located in a 1999 ford ranger 3.0?

inside the passenger compartment behind the glove box. to find any heater core, open the cars hood and locate the 2 heater hoses. They will go through the firewall and they connect to the heater core.

How do you get WiFi on Pokemon Ranger 2?

connect to ranger net.

Your 1999 Ranger XLT Super Cab has an extension plug that comes out the front of vehicle by the radiator Does this heat the engine like they have for the diesels?

yes,must have been ordered for a cold climate

How full does the radiator of 2000 ford ranger have to be?

On a 2000 Ford Ranger : With the engine cold the radiator should be filled to the seat for the radiator cap and the engine coolant reservoir should be filled to the cold mark

Where is the radiator bleed screw on a 99 ford ranger?

At the bottom of the radiator, you can see it from under the truck.

Where is the radiator plug on a 1999 ford ranger?

ANSWER: On the lower left side of the Radiator (passenger side).

Where do you find heater hose diagram for a ford ranger 3.0L?

There really isn't much to it... two coolant hoses go into the firewall, and connect at each end of the heater coil. If you need instructions on how to get to it, you're better off to get a Chilton or Haynes manual.

Can't get any heat in your ford ranger?


Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1995 ford ranger?

looking at the motor, its on the right side of the radiator at the bottom

How can you fix a radiator crack the crack is at the top of the radiator on plastic it is not big in length nor width?

what should i use to fix a small crack on top of radiator. on a 1998 ford ranger what should i use to fix a small crack on top of radiator. on a 1998 ford ranger

95 ranger over heats no heat in car?

probably a clogged up heater core. The heater operates on the hot water provided by the cooling system. If the vehicle is running hot, it is apparitally low. You will need a full radiator to be able to supply the heater. Repair the leak, replace the thermostat and add new antifreeze.</P>

Where is the water pump located on a 1993 Ford Ranger 3.0L?

follow the lower radiator hose,it will connect to the may have a thermostat mounted to the pump and your pump may be fine, check this out first.

Where is the heater core drain hole on 90 ford ranger?

Actually , the heater core doesn't have a drain

What kind of coolant does a 2000 Ford Ranger take?

what type of radiator fluid does a 2000 ford ranger take?

Ford Ranger block heater?

The price for a Ford Ranger block heater varies slightly by year of the vehicle and the retailer. As of 2014 the average price for this part is between 24.99 to 29.99.

Where is the block heather on a 95 ford ranger?

The block heater on a 1995 Ford Ranger is in the engine space under the hood. The plug for the heater block is located near the front of the engine.

How do you fix ford ranger radiator overflowing?

If your truck is overheating!!! Then check the upper radiator and lower radiator hose's , if the lower is cooler the the upper the either the thermostat is not opening or the radiator is clogged

How do you fix your heater on 91 4x4 ranger 4.0?

were is the vocuum hose at on a 91 ford ranger at on 91 ford ranger xlt 4x4 4.0

How do you change the heater core on a 1994 ford ranger?

I had this problem before on a ranger you have to pull the dash board out and it will be right there.

1999 ranger heater fan only runs on high setting how can you diagnose problem?

heater resister is bad

How do you change spark plugs in 96 ranger?

with a socket, swivel, extension, and ratchet.

Where is the radiator cap on the 2002 Ford Ranger?

Does not have one. Just a reservoir.

What is in front of a radiator on a 1999 ford ranger?

The air conditioning condensor

What is the best way to refill the radiator on a 2001 ranger xlt 2.3?

Through the top of the radiator SLOWLY to prevent an "Airlock"